Igaur four in one multi-functional wireless charger, to create a more comfortable office environment for you

There is a good thing that can make all the wires on the desktop withdraw. This is a product that you can't do without after you use it - igaur four in one multi-function wireless charger.

Perfect solution to a variety of devices charging together, refuse cumbersome.

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iPhone Charger Cable

One stop charging experience

It supports wireless charging of mobile phone, watch and headset at the same time to realize multi-purpose.

Completely get rid of the wire harness trouble, clean and tidy desktop, pleasing to the eye.

Igaur four in one wireless charger can charge up to four wireless devices at the same time, including two mobile phones, one headset and one apple watch.

All desktop devices can enjoy the fun of wireless charging, no longer need to put multiple chargers on the desktop!

Does the mobile phone not support wireless charging? It doesn't matter. You can charge your phone wirelessly while charging your apple watch.

iPhone Charger Adapter

Secondly, the built-in intelligent chip of igaur five in one multi-function wireless charger has FOD intelligent identification function. During the charging process, it can intelligently identify the situation of empty power consumption or charging failure.

At the same time, it also has overcharge protection function, even if it is not pulled out in time, there is no need to worry.

The pure black appearance is simple and suitable for the rigorous office environment. After the bracket is placed flat, the appearance is like a mouse pad. It's delicate and compact, and it's very convenient to carry out~
iPhone Charger Cable
Igaur four in one wireless charger

Help you create a neat, efficient and exquisite desktop

Don't miss such a convenient and practical multi-function wireless charger!