Ifory's three models of Apple charging cable have excellent appearance. The original data cable can also be so beautiful

I'm an Apple user who has a great demand for appearance. I've been using Apple products since the early iPhone 4. But with the deepening of using Apple products, you suddenly find that the rubber data cable provided by Apple products is so weak, especially the connector is often damaged. If you have someone with the same experience, It should not be strange.

Therefore, I am using Apple products. Up to now, the choice of data cable has reached the stage of "obsessive-compulsive disorder". I not only require the data cable to be durable, but also require the data cable to have high appearance value. At the same time, I just saw a high-value data cable ifory Apple charging cable. I admit that I was really "captured" by the beauty of this data cable.

Just as the "double day" activity of ifory, the second one in the top 1000 Al is free, and the lowest price of a single item is 13.45; The second one of the top 500 al elbows is free, and the main thing is that the full 83 is reduced by 41.9, plus 10 doorless vouchers in the store. Therefore, you can get 15.95 minimum arrival price for a single piece. With such a discount, I took four colors at once, just here and share the data cable of three apple products.


Surprise of the color under kraft paper box


After receiving the express delivery, the box that reflects the eye will not make you feel amazing. After all, this kind of square kraft paper box will not make you feel the beauty of this data cable. But when I opened the box, I suddenly found out that I was wrong and felt like I was opening a blind box.


Three plain and plain boxes——


Three data cables after opening - enamel powder: of course, there are other color data cables on the ifory website. So if you like different color data cables, you can find which one you like, after all, it offers more than the ones I mentioned. If the color is just our first impression, then the details are the main content of our conversation.


How much detail is the detail? We see from here


How much detail is the detail? We analyze it from several perspectives. To get a more detailed understanding of the details of this data cable, we can feel it through photos with you from "head to tail".

First: weaving mode

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We know that the general data cable is wrapped in leather, which is used for a long time, and the data cable of this kind of package is really easy to damage. I got the ifory anfury Apple data cable, which is made of polyester and TPE. You should see the fineness of this data cable through my photos. This delicate knitting experience will completely change our impression on it.

More importantly, this kind of woven material can also protect us from breaking the data cable for a long time and exposing the metal core. Even after thousands of bends, the tail of the braided wire can be reinforced to prevent fracture.

Second: Lightning charging interface

We can see that the connectors I buy are divided into three types, including the bending lightning charger cable, the USB C interface charging cable, and the most original charging line of apple. The three cables have their own characteristics, but they are aesthetic in design.

The connection of lightning charger cable will be very delicate, even on some connectors you can see the ifory logo logo clearly, the details are really amazing.

And, the plug on the a-end uses an aluminum alloy shell, and it's also sanded and anodized, and you can see that I'll be very strong on my iPhone or iPad.

What kind of data cable does Apple products need?

Many of us buy third-party data cables, and there are several common problems. I think the biggest problem is that pop windows will appear. What do you mean? Because it is not MFI certified (so-called Apple MFI certification is Apple's license to use its accessories, if not, pop-up window will appear).

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Therefore, if the third party accessories we buy are not MFI certified, it may be possible that the use of such accessories can not be charged normally, or even damage our equipment. When I buy the ifory data cable, I think about this. This data cable is actually MFI certified, which makes us not worry about the pop-up problem when we use it to charge Apple or transmit data. Second, when Apple uses these accessories, there is a key problem. Like my iPhone x, it supports fast charging. However, the 5v1a charging line and charger provided by Apple itself can not meet our needs at all. If we use the fast charging head, the charging current of the ifory data cable is 2.4a, Meet our fast charging needs.


iPhone Charger Adapter

Naturally, the transmission rate that everyone cares about is that the charging speed of this ifory Apple data cable is 480mbps. If you often use mobile phones to transmit data, I think it is necessary to choose a charging line with fast data transmission.

I have a lot of Apple devices, so it can be said that lightning charging line is very practical for me. Especially the original apple data cable is expensive, but easy to break. However, the ifory Apple data cable has high appearance, high quality and preferential price. Especially during the double day period, there are many activities. Whether tmall or the flagship store of ifory in JD, there are quite a lot of preferential offers. If there are many digital products like me, it is better to choose several to send them to themselves for New Year gifts.