If you don't read this article, don't buy a car charger easily

Don't buy a car charger easily,

If there is no security protocol,

If the charging speed is too fast,

If the safety performance is not guaranteed,

If there is damage to the phone,


Buy a car charger,

It seems like a simple thing, but it's actually about the two carriers of car and mobile phone.

Recommend a kind and reliable brand, and fire.

And train charger, honorably produced by fire intelligence Co., Ltd,

It was meticulously built by a group of technocratic men of science and engineering.

After continuous upgrading and technology precipitation,

More mature, more perfect.

And train charger, with the following 9 advantages:

6A intelligent fast charging, 196% faster than ordinary car charging.

It only takes 30 minutes to fully charge.

Shell is metal, magnesium aluminum alloy, fluid modeling.

LED tail lamp, voltage detection.

Full protocol super version: support Huawei 40W super fast charging. Support the fast charging agreements of major brands.

Digital super version: exclusive to all Huawei series, supporting 22.5w Huawei super fast charging.

High cost dual independent IC

10-32v wide voltage input, large and small vehicles, all brands are common.

EMC security certification of the United States, mandatory security certification of the European Union, and electronic encircling certification of the European Union.