If you choose a good type-C cable

Recently, there have been many talks about cotton, but this one is relatively simple. It seems that I bought it from ordinary customers, so theoretically, they all use domestic cotton. If not, change it again.

Now I suddenly find that you have a lot of questions about choosing the type-C line. It happens that I have bought more than ten pieces, some of which have been hung up, and some of which have been used frequently for nearly two years. So let's talk about my personal choice.

iPhone 12 charger

One reason that affects the durability of the thread is the material of the thread itself, that is, whether the material is good enough. So we can choose.

Charging: I personally suggest a longer line. The most affordable is IKEA's type-C line, which costs 10 yuan. It's cheap and easy to use. It hasn't broken for about a year. It can not only be used as a charging line, but also as a data cable for debugging mobile applications.

iPhone 12 charger

This is the most cost-effective line I've ever used. It is recommended that you can put one in the office, at home and anywhere.

I also used a better line. It's basically the only line you can take with you. You can see that the thread is fluffy, but it's really easy to use. At the same time is an elbow line, playing the game is also good. Convenient to charge and hold.

Apple Charger Cable

Strictly do not recommend you to choose the line is, one drag two, one drag three line. It's the following. I've used dozens to 200 of them, and they all end up in half a year. And it's not all finished. It's just that the connector you use often doesn't work. So...

To sum up, braided yarn must be selected for type-C yarn. Because of its softness, the material used must be better than that of the plastic outer layer. At the same time, the tensile property of textile thread is better.

Most of all, I've experienced it myself.