If the data cable is broken, stick it with adhesive tape. Continue to use it? In fact, there are huge hidden dangers

I don't know what people are doing in life

Will you often encounter such a situation

Cell phones or some other appliances

Because of frequent charging

It causes the skin on the wires to break, and these wires

It can be used at this time


So many people want to look less eye-catching

Choose to use tape to stick the damaged part together

So here comes the question...

Is this safe and reasonable?

The outer skin of the wire is damaged. Can you use adhesive tape?


First of all, let's talk about the damage of the outer skin of the wire. We often encounter this kind of situation in our daily life: it may be because of too long use or bad habit of pulling the plug, which leads to the aging and embrittlement of a certain position of the outer skin of the wire, exposing the wires inside.

Of course, in fact, this situation does not necessarily mean that there will be leakage, but looking at the exposed small wires, I really feel that there is leakage. So a little friend took the tape at home and stuck it at will. This seemingly safe behavior, in fact, there is a certain danger!

Because the tape here needs insulating tape. Ordinary tape or medical tape, although the viscosity is good, but the insulation is very low, it is easy to leakage! So we must not use ordinary tape or medical tape instead of insulating tape!


Stick it with tape

It's not a long-term solution

Even with insulating tape

The villagers boil water at home

Suddenly there was a strange power cut

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Previously, Ouyang Yuangen, an employee of Wanfu power supply office of Ji'an power supply company in Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province, received a repair call from Peng Dongsheng, a villager of Hengkeng village, Wanfu town. During the phone call, the villager said that he was boiling water at home. Suddenly he heard a roar, and then there was a power failure. He felt very frightening and asked master Ouyang to have a look.

Ouyang Yuangen rushed to the villagers' houses and inspected the indoor main switch, the meter in the meter box and the leakage switch, but found no problems; Also use the electric pen to test whether the next line is charged, and the result is good.

This is a little strange! Based on years of work experience, Ouyang Yuangen decided to have a try. He first pulled down the air switch of the main brake, tightened the wiring screw of the air switch, and then pushed on the air switch, which successfully delivered power at one time. What is the truth of that incident? Originally, the villagers had just had a short circuit to power, strong current impact the air switch of the main gate, leading to the air switch wiring open circuit, so that the power will be cut. And the main culprit of all this is the electric kettle just used to burn water. The kettle has been used for many years, and the base wire is damaged seriously. Villagers only use insulating tape to keep using it for saving the trouble, which has caused some strange power failure.


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So, if you encounter the broken electrical appliances, repair them and buy them. If it is used for many years of old appliances, don't just use tape to stick it. Because these appliances may have passed the safe service life, the risk of accidents will be greater!


Here are the safe service life of some household appliances, and hope to help you:

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In January, the series of standards of safe service life of household appliances were officially released. It is clearly stipulated that the manufacturer (manufacturer) shall explain the safe service life of refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, oil suction cigarette machine and gas stove designed by the manufacturer. Among them, the safe service life of household refrigerator grape wine cabinet and room air conditioner is 10 years, and the safe service life of household washing machine & clothes dryer, oil suction cigarette machine and domestic gas stove is 8 years.

Thrift is a virtue


This consumption concept

Put it in the household appliance

It might not be appropriate