Huawei super fast charging vertical wireless charger is a charger with beauty and strength

At Huawei's mate40 launch, Huawei released a new super wireless fast charging charger. The charger has a maximum wireless charging power of 50W, supports Huawei's fast charging protocol, has multiple protection functions, and has passed the t Ü V Rhine safe fast charging certification. Now let's take a look at this charger.
Huawei super fast charging vertical wireless charger is made of aluminum alloy with a high gloss glass panel embedded in the front.

The charger adopts air cooling design, and the centrifugal fan and air trough cooling design can ensure the long-term use of the charger. The innovative bottom three-dimensional air duct can not only cool the charger, but also the mobile phone.
Huawei super fast charging vertical wireless charger has built-in two coils. Yes, the charger has a wider sensing range. It has a maximum capacity of 50W wireless fast charging. The external LED indicator light can display the current charging status of the mobile phone at any time.
The back panel of the charger is designed with an elevation of 60 degrees, which is the best angle for using mobile phones. With Huawei's gesture operation, you don't need to touch your mobile phone to operate when you wash and cook.

The bottom card slot is designed with anti-skid foot pad to make the mobile phone more stable on it, and it also supports the mobile phone horizontally. The charger has also passed the Rhine safety fast charging certification, multiple safety protection, guarantee the charging safety, and escort the Aiji. The charger not only supports Huawei mobile phones, but also charges tablets and other electronic devices that support Qi certification.

What about? I didn't expect a wireless charger to be so good, right? Not only is the charging speed fast, but also the appearance is outstanding. A charging device can charge a variety of other devices supporting the protocol.

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