Huawei smart glasses generation

Appearance: a fashionable GM Sunglasses

I think: smart glasses, first of all, the appearance should be enough to attract me, and then consider other intelligent functions. In this regard, the design principle of Huawei eyewear is consistent with my expectation. It does not make the glasses look bulky or difficult to wear because it needs to add some intelligent functions. From the appearance point of view, Huawei eyewear is a GM sunglasses. The texture and appearance are very eye-catching, so people can't help wearing them at a glance.

Huawei and gentle monster have created a variety of shapes for glasses. I have the new smart her 01 in spring and summer of 2020. This is a square over size flatba sunglasses, cat's eye shaped frame, mirror ends inlaid with bullet shaped decorative nails, it looks calm and fashionable.

Compared with ordinary glasses, the biggest difference in the design of Huawei eyewear lies in the leg. Huawei places the Bluetooth system, microphone array, speaker system, battery pack and other complex components inside the glasses legs, while the glasses body does not have any interfaces and buttons, which retains the overall simplicity and beauty of the glasses to the greatest extent. Even so, it still keeps the legs thin. The thinnest part of the Huawei eyewear legs is only 4mm, which is very harmonious to wear.

There is a gap in the leg of Huawei eyewear, which is not obvious. In fact, this is the sound cavity of the loudspeaker. Huawei eyewear is equipped with loudspeakers on the left and right mirror legs to bring intelligent functional experience. We will talk about the specific experience later.

One detail must be praised: Huawei eyewear is jointly built by general mentor and Huawei, but the Huawei logo is printed on the inside of the mirror leg, and the outside is still general mentor. Here, I guess Huawei is to ensure the fashion property of the glasses body, and make a low-key treatment of its logo. From this, we can see that Huawei eyewear is indeed a smart glasses that puts the sense of fashion first.

Look at these two fashion pieces in my hand, which are very cool and fashionable. Huawei eyewear is used with Huawei P40 of chenxijin in my hand. Is there any fashion style? From last year's Huawei P30 press conference to the "future image gallery" of P series, to this year's Huawei P40 new product press conference, they have appeared on the same stage for many times, leading the trend of intelligent products. Fashion out of the street, the two are the best CP equipment to enhance the overall wear quality and taste.

In terms of glasses case, Huawei eyewear also inherits the fashion gene of gene monster. The whole body is made of white leather, with natural texture and elegant appearance. However, due to the addition of intelligent components, Huawei eyewear's glasses case will be larger than ordinary Sunglasses' glasses case. It may be difficult for girls to put down their small bags. Fortunately, Huawei eyewear's glasses case itself has a sense of fashion, and it's also easy to carry it out of the street.

Intelligence: intelligent interaction is very practical, you can't go back after experiencing it

In terms of intelligent experience, Huawei eyewear has done a very good job. After opening the glasses case and taking out the glasses, it will automatically connect the paired smart phones. At the same time, Huawei eyewear will send humanized greetings from the speakers (greetings change with time, such as good afternoon at 14:00). The first second you wear it, you already feel a full sense of technology.

After the connection, Huawei eyewear can be used as the external playback device of the mobile phone, playing music through the loudspeaker on the mirror leg. Due to the use of dual speakers and the unique design of the voice cavity, the sound emitted by Huawei eyewear is directional and not easy to leak out. I wear Huawei eyewear to turn on the maximum volume music and ask my friends if they can hear the loud music playing out? Friends said: "no, only close to my ears can I hear singing leakage." In other words, it's rare to turn on maximum volume and have someone close to your ear. Huawei eyewear can keep personal privacy to a great extent.