Huawei encounters "core" crisis, charger or no longer standard, many chargers are out of stock

Last year, Huawei was forced to upgrade. Since the second half of last year, Huawei's mobile phone shipments have increased
There has been a significant decline. This also led to the launch of mate 40 series in the second half of last year. It took about two months for some models to come into stock. Huawei's out of stock situation will further aggravate this year, so the release time of P50 series will be delayed again and again. However, from the recent situation, Huawei is not only out of stock of mobile phone chips, but also charger chips.
According to the feedback of netizens, it is currently in Jingdong. Tmall, Huawei mall and Huawei's official chargers are basically out of stock. Among them, the blogger Chang'an digital Jun said that all the chargers, including Gan, 66W, 40W, 22.5w and 18W, were out of stock.

Because some domestic semiconductor chips are out of stock. This wave of attacks on Huawei has also been upgraded once again.
Recently, a message about the access of mate 40 Pro came out again on the Internet. The biggest difference from the previous version is that the charger made of glass has become optional, while the charger made of plain leather is still standard. Before that, some netizens thought that Huawei had switched to environmental protection packaging and gave the charger an extra bonus. Now it seems that the charger is no longer standard, but Huawei's original intention is not to save money, but there is no charger. Huawei doesn't know if it will save money for users.

Even if Huawei's mate 40 Pro no longer gives away chargers, users can understand it. After all, many big manufacturers also give up giving away chargers, and users still pay for them. Now Huawei is in such a difficult situation that its fans really need to support it.

We see that Huawei chargers are out of stock, so we guess that if Huawei releases new chargers later, it may not be equipped with standard chargers. In addition, Huawei's P50 has been delayed for many times. Is it also related to the shortage of chargers? However, Huawei can also support the multi fast charging protocol and use the chargers of other manufacturers, which can also relieve the pressure. If the mobile phones after Huawei are no longer equipped with standard chargers, will you support it? If you want to get more scientific and technological information, please pay attention to us!