Huawei cancels charger price reduction of 200% for some mobile phones

Huawei cancels charger price reduction of 200% for some mobile phones

Huawei cancels chargers and data lines for some mobile phones: price reduction of 200 yuan

It is understood that Huawei has issued new versions of mate X2, mate 40 pro, Nova 8 pro and Nova 8 models to offline stores, all of which do not include charger sales, and they have been officially launched since today.

Among them, the version without charger is 200 yuan lower than the ordinary package.

From the exposed pictures, users can choose to buy the charging package version or the charging package version.

iPhone 12 charger

My answer is: since it's an accessory, it's relatively reasonable not to provide chargers. Moreover, some Huawei mobile phones have cancelled the price reduction of chargers by 200 yuan, which has fully yielded profits.

There are so many chargers at home. Even if you buy Huawei for the first time, it's not difficult to buy another charger when you buy a mobile phone. So you agree that chargers should not be used as standard.

But the premise is that the charger of the same brand of mobile phone must be universal

After iPhone, Xiaomi, Samsung and Meizu,

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Huawei also announced the cancellation of chargers for some mobile phones. The slogan of each company is also different. Let's take an inventory.

IPhone: lightening the earth from the inside of the box

Xiaomi: in response to the call of science and technology and environmental protection

Samsung: leave a better home for future generations

iPhone 12 charger

Meizu: lightening the burden on the environment

Huawei:??? Don't charge, cut price by 200
Apple Charger Cable
Before that, apple, Xiaomi and Samsung canceled chargers one after another, and now Huawei has followed the trend

Enough to see the current global chip shortage and the implementation of environmental protection concept, I believe that more manufacturers will join in this battle in the future!

The picture was taken by netizens at Huawei flagship store a few days ago. I have to say that the price is still on the high side now. I can't see that the price is reduced by 200 yuan