Huawei 5A line won the sales champion of Jingdong double 11 data cable

The double 11 Shopping Festival, which is crazy for all people, has just ended. The total amount of orders placed in Jingdong double 11 Shopping Festival exceeds 271.5 billion yuan, setting a new record again. While you are waiting for the express delivery to arrive one after another, Jingdong has released the transcripts of various categories of double 11, and the data of charging accessories that Xiaobian is most concerned about are also coming out one after another.

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From November 1 to 11, Huawei ap715a fast charging data cable ranked the top 1 in the top sales of Jingdong's double 11 data cable. Huawei ap71 5A fast charging line


The traditional QC high-pressure fast charging scheme has a very high calorific value due to the large pressure difference, and the user experience is poor. As one of the first mobile phone brands to promote fast technology, HUAWEI Kwai developed the 4.5V5A SCP low voltage high current fast charging technology, and upgraded it to charge pump fast charging at later stage, and promoted SCP power to 10V4A 40W. Huawei SCP fast charging system is composed of several SCP chargers and 5A high current cables. Huawei ap71 5A fast charging cable is the data cable that won the sales champion this time. The connector type is usb-a to usb-c, supporting 22.5w SCP and 40W SCP.


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Huawei ap715a fast charging line is used to widen and thicken the contact of power transmission, resulting in lower contact resistance, effectively avoiding energy loss and reducing temperature rise and heating. The gold plating thickness is tens of times that of the ordinary data cable contact, so that it can still maintain the anti-oxidation function after long-term use, and the conductivity will not be easily attenuated.


Usb-c joint adopts seamless metal tube integrated molding, with hard glue pouring and laser spot welding, which has stronger compression and torsion resistance. The contact is thickened and widened to reduce the contact resistance. The double-layer independent shielding layer and ultra thick wire core are used, and the cotton thread and tensile fiber are added to improve the flexibility and pull resistance. Huawei's full cost stacking and technical design enables this data cable to support 5A high current transmission with extremely low loss.


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 iPhone 12 charger cable 

Huawei ap715a fast charging line is suitable for 22.5w SCP fast charging and 40W SCP fast charging. Both Huawei flagship mobile phone and Huawei SCP power bank can be used. The widened and thickened contact reduces the contact resistance and improves the high current transmission performance. Cotton thread is added into the thick core to keep it flexible and resistant to pulling. The ultra thick gold-plated contact and tensile fiber make it durable. Huawei's users are less sensitive to price and pay more attention to quality. As an original product, 5A fast charging line shows the industry what high-quality accessories are. It is well deserved that Huawei has won the top 1 in sales of Jingdong's double 11 data cable.