Huaqiangbei 10 yuan a data cable is too ugly? This hard disk wind data cable is cool, and it also supports fast charging

When did electronic equipment start to use pure white data cable.

At a glance, all the staff are white, and Android and apple are confused.

Which data cable matches which device needs to be carefully identified.



Suddenly some miss Huaqiangbei 10 yuan a colorful data cable.

Black, white, yellow, red, gold, green... All kinds of colors and styles.

It's not that I am pretentious, although there are some local flavors, but the victory is in a variety of patterns, not the same pure white.

Before, the mall pushed a data cable that can emit light. It flashes while charging. Many people love the same lighting effect of the running lamp.

People, on the one hand, favor high pressure grid, on the other hand, they can't move their legs when they see interesting things.




If you dislike Huaqiangbei's earthy tide and want to support your noble temperament, this "hard disk style" data cable must not be missed.

Reasons for recommendation:

High power output, fast charging speed;

Support PD protocol fast charge, MFI certification, apple can fast charge

Hard disk style design, full of sense of science and technology;

The data cable is as flat as noodles, and the TPE material is tough and durable;

There are two models, apple and Android.

"Hard disk style" data cable, cool!

To tell you the truth, the reason why I like it is very simple. It looks good. It's so superficial~

As a geek, how can you refuse hardware, let alone hard disk elements.

The design inspiration of this data cable comes from the mechanical hard disk. Silver gray is the exclusive color matching of hardware. The strong lines are in line with industrial aesthetics and full of sense of technology

The first time I saw this data cable, I was very upset. At present, the market has rarely seen such a style of obvious digital accessories

Flat design, just like noodles. Made of selected TPE material, it has a good texture. It's not easy to wear, roll up for better storage, and it's not easy to wind into a ball.

The plug is made of aluminum alloy, which has good strength, radiation resistance and is more durable.

In general, the hard disk wind data cable has high appearance value and excellent quality, and stands out among a number of white data cables.

In addition, it has two styles, Android party and Apple users.

MFI Apple official certification authorization, support PD fast charge

A hot knowledge, buy high-quality apple third-party accessories, need to meet this condition - get MFI certification.

MFI, full name made for iPhone / iPad / iPod, is a product production standard set by apple for accessory manufacturers, which stipulates power supply voltage, current transmission, charging rate, etc.

Frankly speaking, the quality of MFI certified accessories is more guaranteed, comparable to the original.

It is reflected in safety, compatibility and charging efficiency.

The hard disk wind data cable is certified by MFI, and the original chip is used to ensure the safety of the circuit.

It is fully compatible with IOS system and suitable for every apple product. There will be no pop-up warning due to mismatch

Even if the device upgrades the system, it can be compatible.

In addition, the MFI certified hard disk wind data cable receives less resistance, so as to improve the charging efficiency.

One of the reasons why we don't choose third-party accessories is that some inferior products have charging speed comparable to tortoise speed. When the mobile phone is fully charged, the flowers are all gone




The hard disk wind data cable supports PD fast charging and adopts the original c94 Apple terminal to ensure safe charging and high power transmission and high-speed data transmission at the same time.

The maximum power of the iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max is 23W, and the maximum power of the iPhone 8 / X / XS series is 18W.

More than one level higher than Apple's ancestral "five blessings and one safety".

It is worth mentioning that the apple version of hard disk wind data cable is usb-c to lightning (C to L). There is no difference between the front and back sides. Both sides can be connected to achieve blind insertion. Use to meet a wider range of needs.

Android version is type-C to type-c. at present, Android has fully entered the era of type-C, and most mobile phones on the market can use it.

Similarly, it supports PD protocol charging and can realize fast charging. The working current of the measured data cable can reach 3a.

Whether it's charging Android mobile phones, laptops and data transmission, the performance is very strong

To mention more, the length of the data cable is as long as 1 meter, which is just right.

It doesn't affect the charging speed, and you don't have to worry about the short time that causes the phone to hang in mid air.

Starting from 145 yuan on Apple's official website, the apple model of hard disk wind data cable costs 66.9 yuan, and the Android version costs 49 yuan, only half of the price.

Fially, three reasons are worth buying

Unique mechanical hard disk design, geek, cool little partner will enter.

Support fast charging, refuse turtle speed.

  1. From 49 yuan, it's half cheaper than the original one. What kind of bike do you want.