How to view the media exposure that "apple is developing Gan charging head"?

In fact, Gan is not just an innovation in the charging head industry. It has been introduced since 19 years. Apple may configure the iPad pro and MacBook Pro with miniled displays. The first LCD multi-purpose point is CCFL light-emitting diodes, and then to achieve InGaN backlight, and then to the popularity of OLED, and the future is miniled

This time TSMC came out in person, which shows that it has enough targets for production capacity. You should know that as the most famous Mini LED display, pro displayxdr is still large. In order to achieve accurate zoning, it has to make another layer of shading mask, and the fuselage needs to be used as a passive radiator and two additional fans, If the miniaturization is successful, more light control zones can be added and unnecessary heating and thickness can be reduced.


Talk about the charger. In fact, it can be seen this year that Apple's ambition has not decreased since M1. It is said that this year's iPad OS will provide two professional production tools, Final Cut Pro X and logic pro, plus Adobe's PS / LR, as well as the flagship m1x processor for 14 inch and 16 inch macbook Pro. Of course, in terms of display effect, these two product lines plus Mini led, together with the best system level color management at present, can basically throw the peers out of sight even the taillights.

Of course, the iPad Pro is a bit behind the 18W charger, and the 61 / 87 / 96w weight of the MacBook Pro is also moving. It's also a good thing to try to lose weight. If these two big soaps lose weight successfully, they will probably be a big selling point. It is estimated that there will not be a bunch of pen and TV circles when JJYY wants to go to PD.

I think the Gan charging head is overpraised. The three Gan charging heads I have, the 100W hyperjustice, are broken. When Aifu's 2c1a came out, there was a boom. To be honest, the conversion efficiency of this charging head is impressive (only 80%), and the heat is frightening. The other Anker's 20W, though very small, has an output of more than 17w, which is not difficult to achieve the nominal output of 20W, And the temperature is not low.

To be honest, the charger is one cent for materials, plus one cent for large size, one cent for workmanship and one cent for aging test = one cent for good workmanship, one cent for durability and one cent for peace of mind. Gan will not improve the conversion rate, and the heat dissipation pressure of the small charging head must be greater. Many mini versions of the 60W fast charging head of mobile phone manufacturers can't guarantee full power consumption for a long time. If you supply power to the computer and run it at high temperature for a long time, you are doing accelerated aging test, and the probability of failure boom increases greatly.

When it comes to these two productivity devices, let's get back to the point, charger. It's true that the MAC charger is "big and heavy" compared with Gan lipstick, but don't forget that apple always used strict materials in the charger. In those days, 29w was like a work of art, making CNC on plastic, and then inserting the whole module with an automatic robot. Unfortunately, it's out of print now ​

I even suspect that Apple may want to use the characteristics of Gan to change the heat sink structure of the charger (the heat dissipation of MOS tube is very troublesome), so as to help reduce the impact on heat dissipation, miniaturize the notebook charger, and return to fully automated production. After all, many aspects of the charging head still need manual work, such as fixing and blowing the heat shrinkable tube, and some glue injection operations, Welding of large plug-in

MacBook users should know how big and heavy Apple's original charger is. It's no exaggeration to say that it's half a kilo. Compared with Youshang's 65W or 90W PD head, these 61W and 87W Apple chargers can be regarded as giants.

Apple focuses on delicacy, high-end design and charging head. I'm afraid Apple's designers are not very happy.

Gallium nitride charger, I can tell you that at present, the only function is to reduce the volume. Whether it should heat or not is the problem. As for its advantages over ordinary chargers, you need instruments to find them.

Gan charging head does not need too much technology, but what Apple needs is low enough cost. At present, the cost is very high, and it is still a bit high. So I estimate that Apple's Gan will be at least half a year later, or very expensive.