how to use intelligent camera glasses

I've been wearing glasses for six years. I can tell you something

1: If you wear glasses for the first time in your life, you will have a time to adapt. If every time you wear it, you will see something deformed through glasses, that is, the degree is not suitable.

2: If you wear them, you should wear them all the time. Don't take them off for a while. The lens of glasses will have a big adjustment when you wear and take them off. If you do this for a long time, the power will advance by leaps and bounds!!! Don't try.

3: If the glasses frame is metal, it will easily slide down after sweating. Just adjust the tightness of the glasses, which is generally tightening the screws. Don't be too tight, or the glasses are easy to deform or break.

4: Advice: do more eye care, take off the glasses, with the thumb and index finger press the corner of the eye, a simple massage, relax the eyes. Use your eyes moderately and try not to stay up late. Eat more Lycium barbarum to improve your eyesight. Tea soup dry food can be, 5-7 a day, not more food.

1. First of all, there is a set of wireless surveillance camera equipment. Now the wireless surveillance camera is a whole, unlike the previous installation of lens and infrared lamp;


Connect the wireless network surveillance camera to the computer, turn on the computer, and install the driver of the wireless camera. Some of them are driver free, which is better;


On the computer, you can see the port and IP address of the wireless network surveillance camera, which can be set by default or manually;


Then follow the tips in the computer interface to set the router, so that the router can automatically obtain the data of the surveillance camera.

First, connect one end of the built-in data cable to the interface under the camera, and connect the other end of the data cable to the charging head. At this time, the light on the camera lights up. Take android as an example, download and install the "360 smart camera" app (available in all major application markets). After opening the app, log in to the 360 account according to the prompts (you can register one if you don't have one), and click the "+" number in the upper right corner, Select "connect my camera" and follow the prompts to complete all the settings step by step