How to use high definition camera glasses

Special care should be taken to light the wearer because glare cannot be produced on the lens or frame. Many professional models are equipped with a pair of eyeglass frames without lenses. When they need to take pictures with glasses, they solve the problem for the photographer in advance. However, most people don't buy a pair of eyeglass frames just to take a picture. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to arrange the light for the wearer.

This kind of lighting is the standard three lighting arrangements: 650 Watt quartz main light is located about 2 meters behind the subject and 2.5 meters high. It illuminates the back and top of the head. The front diffuse auxiliary light is located 1.2 meters to the left of the photographer, aiming at the subject's face.

Because the lamp rises very high and is within the visual field of the lens, a light barrier should be arranged in front of the lamp. Although the light will be slightly reduced, the use of the light barrier is conducive to avoiding excessive lighting and lens glare. The light-emitting lamp shines downward at a fixed angle about 0.8 meters away from the left rear of the subject. When shooting, it is necessary for the subject to lean forward to the camera and slightly lower his head, which is also an important factor in the success of this light distribution method.

It mainly depends on whether you have a 100 micro lens, if you have a macro lens + a soft light box + two lights. As for the CPL polarizer, you can see the effect of your soft light box

When shooting outside the room, the light spot and reflection image on the glasses will be weakened when the light spot faces the back. Change the direction and the movement of the photographer's camera, raise or lower the camera height, and eliminate the reflection.

In the indoor shooting, build a soft light shed, put the glasses to the standard state, and start to use a light for lighting. You can stretch the camera to observe, and move to increase the light until the reflection on the glasses disappears. The auxiliary light should not be placed on the front. The key is to be careful and patient. If you use flash to take such photos, you can't use direct lighting. In this way, the bright flash light and shadow will be clearly reflected on the glasses. If you use reflective lighting, this phenomenon will be improved.

It is better to have a fixed camera bracket. In addition, if there is a slight difference in the shooting effect, it can be corrected by computer software. I hope you can make a profit earlier and buy an SLR

After the light is adjusted, it can not be turned on. Try more ways to achieve the goal. Good products and good prices are the absolute principle

If there is no macro mirror, DIY will be used

Make a soft light box with sulfuric acid paper, find several table lamps, use the long focus end of the lens, and adjust the lighting effect according to the film.

You can also find a fishing line and hang your glasses in the middle of the soft light box