How to use camera glasses

1. Protect the LCD screen. In the process of using, the LCD screen of a digital camera may stick some fingerprints or dirt that are not easy to wipe. In addition to using a soft cloth to wipe, a transparent protective film can also be pasted, which can more effectively prevent the screen from being scratched.

2. When grabbing the camera lens, the cameraman should pay attention to the connection between the cable and the video recorder, and never run with the machine on his shoulder, ignoring that the cable is also connected with the video recorder, so as to prevent the cable from tearing over the video recorder or breaking the connection in the camera cable due to excessive force.

3. The camera should be protected from rain. Avoid using the camera in damp, high temperature, sharp things to scratch the lens, dust and strong magnetic field. These factors will make the camera suffer a lot of damage or cause machine failure.

4. Because most cameras use camera tubes, long time exposure to light or strong reflection may cause camera tubes to burn out. When the camera is used, it can't face the light and the sun, let alone focus on them. This kind of loss should be avoided.

Pay attention to maintenance in the process of use, the digital camera can play the maximum effect, take the best photos. In fact, proper use of equipment is the best maintenance, because correct use will not cause problems. Digital camera maintenance mainly includes the following aspects:

Add a light shield to the digital camera to avoid strong light, and stick a transparent protective film when using, which can more effectively protect the camera screen from being scratched. When shooting, Tongmian points the lens at the sunlight to avoid damaging the CCD board of the digital camera.

In winter, when entering the room from the outside, the machine is prone to condensation. Like the glasses usually worn, the correct way is to put the l digita  camera in a sealed plastic bag. When the user has finished shooting, it is better to take out the tape and remove the battery. Try to avoid shooting in rainy and snowy days. Avoid long time shooting at low temperature to prevent premature aging of the machine.