How to look at Xiaomi 11 with or without charger is 3999 yuan, the same price, will someone really not charger

In the name of environmental protection, apple canceled giving away chargers to Xiaomi 11 mobile phones, but the choice was given to consumers, which let them choose whether to use chargers or not. As for "will someone choose the green version?" This problem is not the key, the key is to release a signal, after the new opportunity gradually become no longer send charger.

We should start to accept the fact that we buy a mobile phone without a charger, and more and more mobile phone brands or models will join this scheme later. Just a few days ago, Huawei announced that it would cancel chargers attached to some mobile phone models due to chip shortage. To tell you the truth, mobile phone manufacturers are now testing consumers' real feedback. When the time is ripe, they will directly announce the cancellation, like apple.

In my opinion, the main reason is that mobile phone manufacturers think charger is a market with unlimited potential and large profit margin. For them, naturally, they don't want to give up the fast cake. At this time, for the sake of their own interests, all mobile phone manufacturers can only purchase and support their own private agreement charging if they want to achieve the highest power. If other chargers are replaced, the output power can only be about 20W.

For most people, 20W fast charging is enough. When the power of mobile phone reaches a certain level, the charging speed will slow down. If you need to buy chargers, you can read an article I wrote before:

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The point is not whether anyone will buy the more environmentally friendly one. It's just a very clever marketing method, insinuating apple and showing its sincere attitude to the majority of consumers at the same time.

It's like when you're on a blind date, saying you have a car and a house, and then being honest. The point is to say that you are sincere and honest? It's telling people they have money.

I think most people will choose the package version with charger.

First of all, the same price, can buy more things, who does not like it?

Secondly, in the past, there may not be many people with 55W chargers at home (electronic product enthusiasts, etc.). Therefore, there is an objective demand for a high-power charger.

For most consumers, these two points mean that this "free" charger is not an "extra burden", but a "necessary device" that can improve the user experience. Therefore, most people should choose to bring a charger.

In my opinion, Xiaomi's battery charger is 3999 this time. In fact, it's the beginning of "separate charger configuration". Price can also make consumers better accept this "separate sale" way.

After the development, should be gradual, chargers, headphones and other accessories as optional items, separate purchase, package discount. And the price will also be different. This "same price but different quantity" should be an attempt to change.

Recently, the charging power of mobile phones has increased rapidly. From the earliest "Wufu Yian" to 20W, 30W, and the dual 50W (wired and wireless) of Xiaomi 11, the charging rate has increased a lot. Will there be any improvement in the future? There will be. But in the future, for example, from 50W to 100W, how much? It's very big. But could the 50W be used at that time? Maybe that's enough.

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In the future, with the development of charging technology, I think it is likely to move in the direction of "no sense", and wireless charging technology may go to a higher level.

But for consumers, in another year or two, 50W level chargers may be widely used, and these chargers at home are really "redundant". What's more, wireless chargers and power supply devices with USB charging interface are widely used. The demand for separate chargers will gradually decrease. Is it time to buy less chargers for the sake of "environmental protection"?

Just like me now, there is a plug-in at the head of the bed (also charge the computer, projection, display and NS). The mobile phone is directly connected to the USB port. If you don't pull it out, you can't use a separate charger.

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Now decoration, home bedside will also consider putting two directly with USB socket, to meet the USB charging needs.

And a more convenient wireless charger will be more worthy of consideration:

[Xiaomi Xiaomi vertical air cooled wireless charging 55W] Xiaomi original 55W wireless charger vertical air cooled wireless charging Wireless Flash charging safety protection adaptation Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative red rice redmi mobile phone charging head [quotation price evaluation] - Jingdong

Including Xiaomi and the mouse pad that supports wireless charging, do you think it will be particularly easy to use when working with mobile phones that can charge wirelessly?

I just don't know when I can come up with a rechargeable wireless mouse to fit this mouse pad, so Logitech's GPW will have to be reduced

Even if the existing mobile phone does not support wireless charging, it can be modified. Just buy a patch

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When I saw this thing, I was moved. Give me another mix2. Isn't that cool? However, considering that after the wireless charging is replaced, all the chargers will have to be replaced, including the power bank and the car holder. The cost of replacing all the chargers is a bit unacceptable. And it's only about 5W. Let's call it a day.

But looking at the convenience of wireless charging and the number of USB power supply interfaces at home in the future, I think in the future development, "independent charger" will gradually become the "exclusive accessory" of "ultra high speed charging", and more people will gradually fall in love with more convenient integrated USB power supply and wireless charging.

At that time, perhaps "do not charger" is the choice of most people, but the reason may just be "do not use", right?