How to evaluate Xiaomi's upcoming 33W Gan charging head?

I've already written the script. When Mr. Lu performs according to the script tonight.

There are three turning points about charging in tonight's press conference.

First of all, Lu Benwei announced in a low voice that the charging power of K40 series is 33W. At this time, PPT shows the charging time of k30pro 33W, which is more than one hour (about 72min).


The rice noodle heart clatters. If it goes on like this, the K40 series charging short board can't repeat the mistake of k30pro refresh rate short board.

"So how long will it take for the K40 series to be full?"

With Duang! With the sound of PPT, the charging time of K40 series is reduced to less than 75% of k30pro, and it can be finished in 50 minutes!

The rice noodles are very comfortable, and Lu Weibing excitedly popularizes science. Our 33W is a mature 33W, which is equivalent to the 50W of Youshang. Ppt horizontally shows the high-power, low-energy and fast charging of other Youshang. O Wei, O Yao, O Yao are among them.

Then Lu Weibing solemnly told you that Hongmi should also respond to the call of environmental protection, so the K40 series environmental protection version does not have a standard charger - however, we still give the option to the users, so the set charger is free.


Rice noodles think that this scheme is acceptable. What's the price performance ratio of Hongmi? With the help of apple and Samsung, Hongmi has the conscience to do charity.


More Duang! Free charger upgrade to 33W Gan, original price 79 yuan, K40 series package version free.

Ohhh, the audience yelled "Zhenxiang; 33W invincible; What 33W, is the king of heaven, K40 is also 330W! "

Lu Weibing: I don't like the way you haven't seen the world

K40pro + main camera upgraded to 100 million pixels, charging power upgraded to 67W!

Break up!

Add a comment: the evaluation of a product always depends on the demand. At present, what I see is that Xiaomi's 65W charger can't activate Hongmi's 33W, and can only be compatible with 27W. For a long time, K30 Series 40 series users lack the official channel to purchase 33W charger. Even now, the 33W charger on the official website is out of stock. Once the charger is lost, or users want to use one charger at home and office, it will be very embarrassing. The Gan charger released this time is used to fill this demand. It can also be used as an alternative for Apple Samsung users with charging head; In addition, the K40 series I said is a gift as a compensation for the shortage of 33W.


Its slot point is that the plug can't be folded and stored, so the advantage of Gan's small size can't be perfectly reflected.