How to evaluate Xiaomi's upcoming 33W Gan charging head?

At present, I think 65W charging head is the best configuration. Don't buy 33W charging head. It's a waste of money.

Why 65W is the best configuration at present? On the one hand, 65W can bring most light laptops (except game Books), and on the other hand, 50W wireless charger (it is said that wireless charging may be limited to 50W?), Third, there are few mobile phone models with more than 65W charging. So 65W a put company a put home, basically do not need to bring charger.

As for the occasions where I need to bring a charger, I only bring 120W, because whenever I need to bring a charger, I definitely need to go out, and when I go out, I basically need fast charging. The gap between the fast charging experience of 120W and that of 65W and 33W is very big.

So why is the 33W charger released?

I think it should be delivered by the new mobile phone model. It's estimated that the K40 will give you 33W charging head.

Millet / purple rice 33W Gan charger: iPad with suffix series and 3a PPS device users' Gospel

IPad with suffix series: ipad Mini / iPad air / iPad Pro Series, PD fast charging is supported after 2019

Other 3A PPS devices: Samsung flagship, millet digital /redmi k system, black shark, red devil, one plus 8t

IPhone's 12 series uses this charger to achieve nearly 23W full load power

IPad can get more than 40% power than 20W PD, and 3a PPS is also a higher general protocol

Basic parameters of Xiaomi 33W Gan charger:

Weight: 50g

Third circumference: 30.4mm*30.4mm*34mm/49mm

Input: 100-240v-50/60hz 0.85a

Output: 3 groups of fixed PD - 9v/2a, 9v/3a, 12v/2.5a; PPS of 1 group - 5-11v/3a; One group of 33W private agreements for Xiaomi - 11v/3a; Additionally, qc4+/qc 3.0/qc 2.0/fcp/apple2.4a and other agreements are supported

Power density: 1.05w/cm ³ Mini charger with the highest power density at present

At the time of iPhone 12 release, many of the Anker 20W received and recommended by Zhihu V:

Weight: 30g

Third circumference: 27.2mm*27.2mm*31mm/46mm

Input: 200-240v~ 0.6A 50Hz

Output: two groups fixed PD - 5v/3a, 9v/2.22a; Support QC 3.0/qc 2.0/apple2.4a and other agreements

Power density: 0.91w/cm ³ The popular point compares the gap between the two:

Anker's core strengths are: charger size and weight

The charging power of millet can afford the volume increased by it relative to Anker

Anker can't get the iPhone 11/12 series to the highest power of nearly 23

Anker iPad with suffix can only be used for up to 19W power, while those with small meters can be more than 40%

Anker does not support PPS, and the gap between mobile phones that support 3A PPS is more than 40%

Anker does not support Huawei FCP protocol or Qualcomm general qc4+ protocol

The pin is not foldable, which leads to a smaller storage volume difference between the two than the charger

Xiaomi 33W standard with a C2C cable (3a current) that can charge iPad

In fact, the biggest personal dissatisfaction with Anker is:

Less general protocol + insufficient PD power of iPhone, low applicability of multi device and multi platform

If you like Anker, it also meets the following conditions:

Only iPhone, it doesn't matter if you can't feed it. Just ask for small enough

It is more recommended that you come to see dragon ice than Anker

Weight: 38g

Third circumference: 31mm * 31mm * 31mm

Input: 100-240v~ 0.6A 50Hz

Output: three groups fixed PD - 5v/3a, 9v/2.5a, 12v/1.8a; PPS in 2 groups - 3.3-7.5v/3a, 3.3-10v 2.25A; Additionally, qc4+/qc 3.0/qc 2.0/apple2.4a and other agreements are supported

Power density: 0.76w/cm ³ Core advantage: pin folding storage!

The pin can be folded first, which can reduce the actual storage volume of the charging head by a large amount

Second, the pin can be folded, which can reduce the scraping of other items during carrying

This product allows the iPhone 11/12 series to achieve nearly 23W full load charging power

To put it more, many people may have mistaken the positioning of the goods:

As the official accessory of millet, it is undeniable that it is not very cheap in Millet system, and certainly not expensive

But taking it as an iPad fast charging accessory will find that it is sincere in a 30W charger

Don't always compare 65W, and both are higher and heavier than 30 percent. Some people really just look like mini charging

As for me, why don't I like to blow smaller Anker?

Charging the iPhone with full power first, and then saying that it's a small size is an advantage. Is that the bottom line?