How to evaluate millet Gan charger?

For Xiaomi Gan charger, I am quite clear, because I use the official Xiaomi 11 Gan charger. Charging speed is very fast, I use 55W, and it won't heat easily.

At present, the fast charging charger uses Gan, the third generation semiconductor material, which is liked by many people. Because of its fast heat dissipation, high power, and suitable size, easy to carry. Before that, we often used silicon as a material, but the disadvantages are large volume, small power and easy to heat.

In January this year, I bought Xiaomi 11 with a 55W Gan charger, which takes about 40-50 minutes to charge my mobile phone.

Besides 55W, Xiaomi also has a 65W Gan charger.

In recent years, I have used Samsung, Meizu, LETV, Huawei and Xiaomi mobile phones with chargers as standard. Compared with these models, I think Xiaomi's will be better. At the current price, it is already very affordable. However, one disadvantage is that the charging head is a little bit too large. If you use Gan chargers a lot, it's not obvious. Compared with the ordinary kind of charger, the difference between the two is a little big. Let's start with the conclusion. Basically, it's the smallest 65W single port charger on the market, and the price of 149 is quite conscientious.


However, it is not recommended to take the single mouth and three mouth ratio, which is not reasonable. We have to stand on the same starting line.


In addition to Xiaomi's, let's also take a look at several common 65W C-Port single port chargers on the market


  1. Xiaomi GaN single port 65W


I haven't used it. Now I can only see the parameters and the information revealed


Agreement: now that the evaluation has not come out, I think first of all, the PD fast charging agreement will not be able to run. The publicity also says that it supports all series of iPhones, so it is estimated that it also supports Apple's fast charging agreement (5V / 2.4a), and it also claims to support the 50W fast charging of Xiaomi 10. It is estimated that it should be super charge turbo fast charging technology. In addition, according to the style of Zimi and Xiaomi, the probabilities are QC 2.0, QC 3.0, QC 3.0 AFC, FCP will also support, and can also charge switch.


iPhone 12 charger port

Update on March 22, 2020: the fast charging protocol supports apple 2.4a, Samsung AFC, Huawei FCP, qc3.0, USB PD and Xiaomi charge turbo, see > >


Size: 30.8mm x 30.8mm x 56.3mm, 65W single port should be the smallest size, but the pin can not be folded, it is estimated that there is no room

Others: make an appointment in Xiaomi Mall for the time being, but not in other place

iPhone 12 charger port

Jingdong also has its own business. If you are interested, you can start.


  1. Lenovo lipstick power 65W single port

The lipstick power supply is named to please girls, and the publicity also tends to girls. The price is 249, but there are also 199 or lower prices, sometimes 129.

Protocol: support USB PD, QC 2.0, QC 3.0 fast charging protocol, OK

Size: 30mm x 35mm x 73mm, also without plug, plug can not be folded

Others: the biggest slot is unstable when it is inserted on the wall, because it is too thin and long, and some people will encounter the problem of howling, which is also very annoying

  1. Zimi 65W single port

It's 129 yuan, earlier than the millet one below. It has a good reputation and good size control. It's a good start.

Protocol: support apple 2.4a, DCP protocol, QC 2.0, QC 3.0, AFC, FCP fast charging protocol

Size: 50 mm x 50 mm x 28 mm, the size is not big, you can see the figure above, another advantage is that the plug can be folded up

  1. Xiaomi 65W single port

The size is as like as two peas, and the feeling is to change the shell. The price is 99 yuan now, and the cost performance is quite high.


iPhone Charger Adapter

In addition, Xiaomi 10 Pro is equipped with a 65W A-port charger as standard, and then supports PD protocol

  1. Jingdong jingzao 65W single port

It's cheaper than the 65W of Zimi and Xiaomi. Of course, it's smaller than Apple's original

Protocol: pd2.0, pd3.0, apple 5v2.4a, DCP, qc3.0, which are quite complete

Size: 67mm x 65.4mm x 28.5mm

There are others, such as Netease Zhizao and lvlian, which I will not introduce one by one.

As for the 3-port Beisi, it has two C ports and one a port in the same volume as the lipstick power supply, which is not suitable for comparison. I hope Xiaomi or Zimi can get out of the 2c1a head faster, and then change it.