How to evaluate iPhone 12 or support MagSafe 15W wireless charger based on magnetic suction?

Disadvantages of magesafe

Overall experience: average. There are three main disadvantages

1. The charging speed of magesafe is relatively slow, and the nominal 15W is hard to reach. Take my own iPhone 12 Pro Max as an example, it takes 2-3 hours to fully charge.

2. After flushing, the mobile phone is obviously hot.

3. Magesafe's magnetic force is actually relatively weak, and the adsorption effect is not good, especially if you use some fancy mobile phone cases, it may be even weaker, and it is very likely that you can't even charge it.

The advantages of magesafe

So as far as iPhone 12 is concerned, I don't think this function is suitable for friends who require charging speed. On the contrary, it's the kind of people who have formed the habit of charging at any time after using iPhone for a long time

If you insist on advantages, there are really no advantages. Maybe other people don't have them. I hope I can make this function better in the future.

Magesafe accessories recommendation

It's more than half a year since the launch of the iPhone 12. What's very good about Apple is that after the launch of new functions, there will always be a lot of accessory manufacturers to follow up, and so will magesafe.

Just now we said that the magesafe charging magnetic force is relatively weak. We can buy a third-party mobile phone case to solve the problem.

For example, the ESR model is not bad, and the price of magnetic suction certification is cheap. The effect will be better than direct use

I'm using pitaka's mobile phone case. It's more expensive, but it's made of Kevlar fiber with higher strength.

The magnetic effect is also good, which is much stronger than the original one

Then, this one can be used together with their own wireless charging, which is very suitable for Apple's friends. For details, please see my previous article:

Big dream: you may like it after watching it. Maybe it's the most suitable wireless charger for iPhone 12 series?

Because the default magesafe suction is certainly not enough, this mobile phone case can be strengthened, so that the mobile phone can stand on the desktop obliquely, and it's very convenient to check the time and return a message.

It's like this: however, the charging base is quite expensive. Pitaka's charging base costs more than 1000 yuan, but it's really easy to use. You can charge iPhone, applewatch and airpods at one time. You can choose according to your own needs:
iPhone 12 charger
Of course, if you just want to stand up when using magesafe, you can also choose a third-party magesafe charger.

For example, ESR comes with a bracket: magesafe. Another easy-to-use accessory is power bank. I have to admire Huaqiangbei's power

If you like a large capacity, you can choose Beisi, which is more than 10000 MAH and can charge the mobile phone several times

But in fact, I prefer to buy a smaller one, because it's really inconvenient to take it out when the power bank is big, especially when the magesafe has no data cable when it's charging, it's very cumbersome to take it with the mobile phone.
Apple Charger Cable
Basically speaking, magesafe's domestic accessories are these series. Let's have a look according to our own needs.

Finally, Amway's latest favorite power bank, hahaha, is mainly aimed at Apple users, or apple watch users.

The advantages of this power bank are very obvious:

1. It can be charged directly with lightning data line;

2. Support to charge the applewatch (very convenient when you take it out of the door;

3. With the lightning data cable, iPhone and airpods can be recharged

4. Small size, battery capacity about 9000mah