How to connect Bluetooth glasses to mobile phone

If you wear Bluetooth sunglasses, you can press and hold the Bluetooth function key for 5 seconds to start Bluetooth pairing. When the red and blue lights flash, release your hand; Then turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone, and select auto search for Bluetooth device. After the name of the Bluetooth device is found, the system requires to input the connection password (the password is 0000), and then automatically connect the Bluetooth sunglasses. If the connection is successful, a Bluetooth icon will appear on the screen of the mobile phone. At this time, you can use the Bluetooth Sunglasses function. Only when the connection is set up can you make a call. If you call, the glasses Bluetooth will automatically prompt you to hear the system ring tone of the connected mobile phone. You can answer the call by pressing the Bluetooth key. The maximum transmission distance between Bluetooth and mobile phone is 10 meters

1. In the off state, press the on / off key for a long time until the red and blue lights flash alternately, that is, you are ready to enter the Bluetooth pairing state (Note: only when the red and blue lights flash can you enter the pairing state, otherwise you can't make pairing connection).

2. Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, search the device, and connect the Bluetooth glasses after searching for the Bluetooth glasses. When some mobile phones require a password, please enter "0000 or 1234" (some mobile phones do not need a password). Wait for a moment, and the Bluetooth glasses are successfully paired with the mobile phone. At this time, the indicator light of the Bluetooth glasses is blue and flashes separately, indicating that it is in standby mode, You can talk (or listen to music).

3. If the Bluetooth pairing mentioned above is not successful, please press the call key to turn off the Bluetooth (turn off the Bluetooth at the same time), and then turn it on respectively for another operation (in most cases, the first pairing is successful, and the pairing is permanent, and there is no need to repeat the operation in the future.

First, check whether both devices have Bluetooth function (if it's a computer, you need to install the Bluetooth driver correctly); Secondly, it depends on whether the Bluetooth function of the device is turned on (if it is not turned on, the device cannot be found); Again, you need to connect two devices successfully (PIN code and pairing code are usually used). The pin code is generally "0000" or "1234", and the pairing code is currently set and used, and the pairing of the two devices must be consistent); Fourth, the transmission distance should not exceed 10 meters, otherwise the transmission will be interrupted; Fifthly, if the transmission is successful, there will be a successful prompt. You only need to find the file in the receiver to open it (usually in the Bluetooth folder of "My Files"); Fifthly, select the file to be transmitted, select "share" in the menu, and then select "Bluetooth", and then operate according to the prompt. If the operation is correct, there will be a prompt that the transmission is completed successfully.

In addition, the Bluetooth headset is connected with the mobile phone: the mobile phone should first turn on the Bluetooth and be in the found state, press and hold the Bluetooth headset on key until the mobile phone Bluetooth searches for the headset and displays the headset model, then click the headset model displayed in the mobile phone to connect, and the display of "connected" indicates that the connection is successful. At this time, the headset on key can be released