How to choose the length of data cable?

In the mobile phone accessories, the most easily overlooked are the charging head and data cable. With the popularity of fast charging, people pay more and more attention to the charging head, but the data cable is still ignored by many people. For ordinary users, they may not understand MFI, and they may not know whether the copper core and shielding layer are useful or not. In addition to the interface can match their own devices, the length of the line may be the most intuitive reference. So does the length of the data cable matter? In fact, the relationship is not small. Let's talk about it today. At present, there are several kinds of data cables in the market, such as less than 1m, 1m to 2M and more than 3m, and some unconventional ones. Let's take a look at them together.


[below 1m]

Due to the popularity of cloud and wireless, there are not many cases of using data cable to transmit data at present, so we only talk about the power transmission of data cable. As for why it is not called charging line, this is not tangled. Generally speaking, the shorter the data cable is, the lower the loss is, and the faster the charging speed is. Therefore, according to this rule, the wire rod less than 1m has the lowest cost and the best performance. But why do we rarely see such short data cable sales? In fact, it's very simple. It's our "bad habit" -- mobile phones are always on hand. The data cable is too short, so it is difficult for us to watch the mobile phone while charging. Therefore, in the market, the data cable less than 1m is not easy to sell and buy.


But such a short data cable still has some advantages. Mobile power (power bank) is very keen on this kind of data cable. Users can put the power bank under the mobile phone and connect it with a short data cable to charge. In this way, it won't be entangled because of the data cable, which is very popular with some users. Therefore, the length of the line should be limited according to the needs of users and special scenes. At the same time, many manufacturers are willing to use ultra short data cable, which can save cost and will not cause trouble, such as power bank, Bluetooth headset, etc.

[1m to 2m]

1m and 1.2m are the best length of market feedback, and they are also the result of comprehensive consideration of cost and profit. So the two sizes of data cable we see in the market are the most. This length just allows you to have a charger beside you, which does not affect the continued use of the mobile phone, and does not cause entanglement, which is very ideal.


For the length of 2m, the position of the charging head is required to be lower, which can be applied to a wider range. For example, the double bed only has a charging head on one side, or the original decoration design is unreasonable, resulting in the charging plug is far away from itself, or some users like to toss back and forth on the sofa, and the 2m length has more room to play. However, this length of line is not suitable for travel use, very cumbersome.

[more than 3m]

The data cable above 3M is not suitable for ordinary users. Not only the charging speed is severely reduced, but also the life of the data cable itself will be affected. Users are not recommended to buy this kind of length. If the length is not enough, they would rather use the patch board with long cable to extend it than use this kind of data cable. Spare time as skipping rope is OK, but the wire must be TPE material, PVC a little hard.

In addition to 0.5m, 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 2.0m and 3.0m, there are some special size products, such as 0.8m, 1.6m, 1.8m, 3.2m and so on. In fact, there are only three types in essence. If you use it on the power bank or have the habit of not using the mobile phone when charging, it's very suitable for those below 1m; for ordinary users, 1.0 and 1.2 are the most suitable choices; for those with demand for length, try to take 2.0m as the limit, and do not recommend those above 3M. Our above arguments are all based on the same data cable material and quality. If we have to compare one with the bull, we can't help it. You win.