How to choose the data cable of Android, apple and type-C?

It's really difficult to choose a product with high cost performance in a wide range of goods. However, products at cablecreation's home can be found everywhere with high cost performance. First of all, when you choose a qualified product, you must find the right business. Generally, there are large-scale brand companies, such as ceink and cablecreation. The former has its own factories and exports more, while the latter focuses on cross-border business.

The second is to look at products

Data cable, like other products, also has some certification. Before purchasing, you can ask the merchants whether they have done some certification. If they have, it means that this line is a qualified product and you can rest assured to use it. Another example: a qualified Apple data cable has MFI certification, so you must choose the product with MFI certification when purchasing this kind of product.


Here are some products of cable family, you can choose if you need!


Android two in one type-C + micro USB data cable dual purpose Xiaomi 6x8se9 / mix2s Hongmi glory 9 / 10Play Huawei P20 p30pro2.4a fast charging wire short portable Android and type-C two in one

 iPhone 12 charger cable

Type-C data cable 3A fast charging is suitable for Huawei p20p30p40 millet oppo glory vivo game plus TPC Nubia Meizu nova5 Android mobile phone power bank short line 1m2 M

Type-C data cable

IPhone 6S charger cable is suitable for Apple 7p8pse 11x data cable, mobile phone 8plus fast charging flash charging MFI certification, extended x tablet computer, iPad punching wire, single head, Short Portable 2m, select the data cable from the following aspects


iPhone Charger Adapter

  1. What equipment is it mainly used for? What are the interface requirements?
  1. What are the specific requirements for data transmission / PD fast charging / video transmission?
  1. Length of data cable: long term or short term?


There are many kinds of data cables in the market, and the interface functions are different. It is recommended that users select them according to the actual use needs. As for the brand and price, it is recommended to compare the three, choose the best.

 iPhone 12 charger cable

Figure 1: dual type-C full function data cable, supporting 100W fast charging + 10Gbps fast transmission + 4K HD projection.