How to choose cycling glasses

The yellow lens is suitable for use in dim light and at night to reduce the light reflection of the lens and achieve the effect of increasing light; Black lens, anti ultraviolet, filter glare and harmful light to eyes, protect eyes; Colorless lens is the ideal choice for fog or gray weather; Red or orange is the best on the whole to make the surrounding terrain clearer.

In addition to the common function of sports glasses, riding glasses also have the function of blocking ultraviolet radiation. According to different needs, riding glasses should choose different lens colors.

Lens material

The material of riding glasses must be flexible, pressure resistant and impact resistant, so that in the process of cycling, if you fall down, you won't hurt your eyes because of broken glasses. The lens made of resin has good elasticity and strength. It is light and comfortable to wear; Glass lenses are absolutely forbidden in the manufacture of riding glasses.

Riding glasses need to have a good anti ultraviolet effect, in order to play a good role in protection, the lens needs to be able to filter some stray light that is harmful to the eyes. If the object and the lens move together, it means that the mirror is uneven and not a good lens. 1、 Dazzle color lens, transparent dazzle color also have dark dazzle color, use dazzle color coating, can reflect more light, rainy days, cloudy days are suitable for use.

2、 Tan lens, can absorb ultraviolet and infrared rays, can filter out a lot of blue light, and can block the radiation, it is very suitable to wear in the daytime.

3、 Blue lens, blue lens can improve the contrast of vision to the reference object, suitable for fog, or weather with low visibility, which can improve the safety.

4、 Transparent lens, with a light yellow, can prevent wind or rain, reduce dry eyes, thereby reducing the incidence of conjunctival xerosis.

5、 Dark color lenses can block part of the visible light, which can reduce the damage of strong light to the eyes. So if you are in a strong light environment, or the sun is particularly strong, you can choose polarized dark color lenses. Glare, reflected light and other dazzling light can be filtered out, and the vision is clear and soft. But if the light is not suitable, especially bright, do not wear dark glasses, otherwise the field of vision will only be darker. The dark lenses are mainly black.

6、 Yellow lenses are suitable for dark environment and riding at night, because it can increase the surrounding light, reduce the reflection of lens light, improve the reference brightness of reference object, and make the vision clear.

Although the colors of riding glasses are various, in addition to choosing suitable ones, you must buy regular ones, otherwise inferior ones will do more harm to your eyes.