How to choose car charger under 100 yuan?

A mobile phone mobile phone old fellow relies heavily on the mobile phone. The most feared thing is to get rid of the phone outside the house. For the old fellow who has the car, there is a convenient charger on the car.

Car charger is not a valuable gadget in auto parts, so now many people don't take the time to choose, some just spend more than ten yuan on the roadside stand.

However, it is such a small car charger. If we don't pay attention to it, we will buy some inferior products. So, how can we choose the car charger? This week, Xiaobian collected several car charger on the market, which was statistically related to power, socket type and charging type. It hopes to give some help to old fellow iron, and the dry cargo is still at the end of the article.

Plug type of vehicle charger

Let's take a look at the types and styles of car chargers

1、 Classified by USB socket

1. Single USB Car Charger

There is only one USB output port, which can only charge one electronic device at a time

2. Dual USB Car Charger

There are two USB output ports, which can charge multiple devices at the same time

2、 Classification of vehicles with lines

1. Micro plug car charger

Now many brands of mobile phones on the market are of this kind. It can be said that Android system is universal

2. Mini plug car charger

This is a few years ago, the interface used more, now rarely used, because the slot is thick, resulting in the fuselage is not thin

3. DC plug charging

3、 Classification by charging equipment

1. Mobile car charging

2. Electronic dog car charging, lithium battery car charging

3. Navigator, dash cam, vehicle charging

4. High power electric vehicle charging

4、 Charging of cigarette lighter

These are classified according to different types of charging and charging objects. Different types of vehicle charging can be used for old fellow iron cars with different demands, so they can save unnecessary trouble.

How to choose car charger

1. First of all, no matter what power supply products you choose, safety is the first. You should choose 3C certified safety products. Never buy and use Sanwu products, or you will have no way to complain about quality problems!

2. Don't blindly pursue high current and charging speed, because excessive current will cause great danger when encountering line fault;

The power of the charger is a very important technical parameter. For example, charging high-power equipment with a low-power charger will cause the low-power charger to be burnt out due to overheating (for example, the iPod charger cannot charge the iPad)

3. Select the car charger with automatic protection function. Better quality car charger will have over-current, over-voltage, overheating and short circuit protection functions, it will be more safe and assured to use.

4. The choice of material includes aluminum alloy car charger, stainless steel car charger, plastic car charger and metal car charger. It depends on your own preference. Try to choose flame retardant and environmentally friendly materials, which are both beautiful and safe.

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How to charge slowly or not?

I believe you must have met this situation. When you use the car to charge, it's intermittent, or it's charged for a long time, but the power is still poor 1%.

If the charger can not be charged, it may be damaged or in poor contact. The first thing should be to check the fuse of the cigarette lighter to see if it is burnt out. If it is burnt out, the fuse needs to be replaced. If it doesn't burn out, clean the car charger and reuse it to see if it has poor contact. If it still can't be used, it may be that the car charger is damaged. At this time, a new one is the right solution.

How to use car charger correctly


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The first thing to pay attention to should be to prevent the car charger from causing damage to the car battery, so when not in use, please pull out the car charger. Some car chargers have the function of automatically cutting off the charging power. If not, it's safer to pull out the car charger to prevent the overuse of the car battery.

Here comes the dry goods of the car charger!

There is a big price gap between car chargers in the market, ranging from more than ten to more than a hundred. For the sake of safety, it is recommended to choose products with a price of more than 50 yuan


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This week's selected vehicle charger is a few good sales in the market. The collected vehicle charger has a price of 299 yuan to 49 yuan to meet different needs. Old fellow iron can be selected for reference to price, power, safety function and charging type.

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After understanding the parameters of vehicle charger and several cars, I believe that the old fellow can choose the car charger suitable for them. In fact, many people buy car charger does not really care about its quality, the market charger on the car is still very dazzling, old fellow iron or choose reliable quality, universal reputation, big brand car charging more reliable.