How to choose apple data cable?

Apple data cable selection principle:

MFI: made for iPhone / iPod / iPad, is a kind of authorized logo license given by apple to accessory manufacturers.

These authorized products will go through many rounds of testing, and the passing rate is only 2%. The third-party data cable that has passed MFI certification must be one in a hundred in terms of product design, quality and compatibility.

The price of each chip on the MFI line is $3 + 17% VAT. The data cable manufacturer needs to pay Apple 21 yuan just to buy the chip, which does not include USB head, cable, labor cost, factory expenses, etc. the cost of each MFI certified data cable without packaging is about 28 yuan.

So - Taobao's MFI data cable under the banner of low price has a high probability of selling fake.


If you want to know whether your data cable has passed the MFI certification, the most reliable way to verify your identity is through the official website of apple

Website: You can inquire by yourself


The charging line without MFI certification often does not have the MFI chip provided by apple, so it may not be able to identify the transmission data, and the output current and voltage are usually very unstable. Long term use will cause damage to the mobile phone battery.

On the premise of having MFI certification, there are also some tips:

Apple's original data cable of course has MFI certification, and Apple's official data cable is TPE rubber wire. The advantages of this material are: good flame retardant performance, safety, non-toxic, and can be reused, more environmentally friendly.


But the shortcomings of Apple's official data cable are also obvious: the quality is average and the line is very soft. After a period of time, the insulating sheet at the joint will crack, which is quite common. And after using for a period of time, the thread will turn yellow, and it is not resistant to dirt.

From the perspective of cost performance, it is not necessary to buy the original apple data cable.

If you want to buy more durable wire, try to choose braided wire. For example, polypropylene yarn is the lightest density and the best wear resistance material or metal braided wire in common chemical fibers, which is more resistant to pulling and has higher strength and toughness.

The MFI wire of purple rice is made of polypropylene yarn

Although the data cable is long and has more space to move when charging, too long data cable will also affect the data transmission rate. Generally speaking, 1m and 1.2m are enough.

Some dd a spring protective sleeve with bending resistance at the interface, which can avoid the fracture at the interface, improve the stability and prolong the service life of the data cable.

The MFI wire of Mercer has a spring protection sleeve at the interface

Sometimes you don't want to take more than one data cable for business trip or travel. You can buy MFI certified one-to-three data cables with Android and type-C interfaces.

It can charge mobile phone, Kindle and wireless headset at the same time, which is very convenient

IPhone 8 and later iPhone x, XR, XS, XS Max all support PD 3.0 protocol, which means that fast charging can be realized on these models.

The full name of PD is USB power delivery specification, which is a fast charging standard launched by USB standardization organization. This fast charging standard has been running for several years. USB PD has reached the 3.0 version. Apple has passed the PD fast charging protocol on iPhone 8 and later models. If your mobile phone is the above model, you can have a faster choice in terms of charging.

First of all, you need to buy a charger that supports usb-pd 3.0 protocol, and a usb-c to lighting data cable. According to the price of Apple's official website, it's $19 for 1m and $35 for 2m.

For fast charging data cables, the interface type is type-c. This interface has more contacts, can adapt to a larger current, so it has the property of supporting fast charging.

Pay attention to the output current data of data cable when purchasing, as long as it supports 2a and 3a current to pass.

Nowadays, most of the fast charging technologies can charge the mobile phone to 50% in half an hour. If there is a requirement for charging speed, it is more convenient to start these fast charging devices than the ordinary charging mode.