How to choose a car charger? Tell you that the three Huawei car chargers are highly praised by 99%

Summer vacation has come, many people are going to take advantage of the holiday to drive, choose a suitable car charger can let the mobile phone in the journey to maintain power. However, the quality of car chargers on the market is uneven. If you choose a bad product carelessly, you will not only lose the good mood of traveling, but also cause damage to mobile phones and cars.

When choosing unfamiliar products, we usually look at the product evaluation. At present, Jingdong is holding a car charging Festival. Huawei's 40W, 22.5w and 18W car chargers have a high praise rate of 99%, with the lowest as low as 49 yuan. Is it a little exciting? Let's take a look at the three car chargers.

Huawei car charger Super Charge fast charging Version (max 40W): 10v4a makes your journey free from anxiety

The Super Charge version of Huawei car charger (max 40W) is made of anodized aluminum, which is formed in one piece. It is not as cheap as most car chargers. And the metal material is not afraid of bumps and collisions, with CNC process cutting edge and ring lamp belt, good-looking and durable.

When it comes to recharging speed, many people think that the car's charging power is low and the charging speed is slow. The main reason is: the charging protocol of car charging is different from that of mobile phone, which leads to a great discount of charging efficiency; therefore, it is better for car charging to be compatible with a variety of charging protocols to meet a variety of use needs. The Super Charge version of Huawei car charger (max 40W) has two USB interfaces, both of which can be downward compatible with different charging protocols.

One of the interfaces, Huawei hypercharge, which supports up to 10V / 4A, is used for 40W full speed charging of mate 20 pro, P30 pro and nova5 series. In addition, Huawei car charger Super Charge fast charging Version (max 40W) also gives 5A original line for purchase, which is very considerate. And now in the Jingdong Car Festival (August 6-8), the original price of 199 yuan can immediately discount 20 yuan, so intimate you have no reason to refuse it!

Huawei car charger Super Charge (max 22.5w): dual port charging, family sharing is also applicable

Huawei car charger Super Charge (max 22.5w) supports up to 5V / 4.5a fast charging. Also covers more models, such as P20 pro, mate10 pro and so on; and now during the Jingdong auto Festival (August 6-August 8), the original price of 159 yuan of the product can be owned as low as 99 yuan, which can be said to be quite profitable!. In addition, the Super Charge version of Huawei car charger (max 22.5w) also has two USB interfaces, which can charge two mobile phones at the same time. It is very suitable to charge the mobile phones of family members. This interface can also supply power for the dash cam, which saves the trouble of pulling the circuit specially for the dash cam, killing two birds with one stone.

Huawei car charger quickcharge (max 18W): from 49 yuan, very cost-effective

The quickcharge version of Huawei car charger (max 18W) has the most compatible models, not only for some old models of Huawei, but also for mobile phones of other brands that support 10W fast charging, with high compatibility. In addition, the charging efficiency of the quickcharge Version (max 18W) of Huawei car charger is also good. Charging the Nova 2S can reach 45% in half an hour, which is quite fast.

In addition to the speed, many people are also worried about the quality of the car charger. Some cars can't be used after charging several times. What's more, after using the car charger, the interface smokes and the cigarette lighter smokes. These three Huawei car chargers all have internal charging protection chips, which provide under voltage protection, overheat protection and other functions, providing stable current for mobile phone charging and ensuring charging safety. After testing, these three Huawei car chargers can withstand more than 3000 times of plugging in and out, and can carry the maximum voltage input of 24 V, which is safe and guaranteed.

During the JD car charging Festival from August 6 to 8, not only three Huawei car chargers participated in the festival, but also Huawei two-way 40W super fast charging mobile power supply was added. The product supports 40W two-way charging, which can fill 70% of Huawei P30 pro in half an hour, and can also be brought on the plane.

In addition, it is compatible with a variety of charging protocols (such as PC supporting PD protocol, mobile phones of many brands, and even switch can be easily done). It is the first mobile power supply with higher security performance certified by German TUV security system in China. With 13 layers of security protection, it is an essential companion for business travel!