How to change cycling glasses

First, open the side near the bridge of the nose, and try to break it toward the direction without the frame. The frame is elastic, no problem. Take your eyes and you can see. Put the lens on the other side first.

When I change the lens, I hold the lens with my left hand and snap the part of the nose with my right hand. First, I let the lens come out of the nose, and then I can take the lens off. The right lens comes out from the nose.

Some riding glasses, with short-sighted glasses lens, that lens is not changed

If you buy riding glasses, it has many kinds of color Sunglasses (suitable for use in different light and weather conditions), it can be changed, there is a card on each side of the glasses, you pull those two places, and then remove them from the middle, OK! Up, is to first put the lens from the middle card, and then card on both sides is it!

If you buy Sunglasses with myopia frame, you can go to the optical shop with Oh! I have a pair of sunglasses in my shop. There are five groups of sunglasses to change. In addition, also send a single can be used with myopia myopia frame. You can use this nearsighted frame to match lenses, and install the nearsighted frame in the sunglasses, so that the outer layer is sunglasses, and the inner layer is nearsighted lenses. Dual use!! I hope my answer will help you! Fuhong Automobile Company / bicycle equipment supplies Monopoly

If it is used to block the sun's ultraviolet rays, you can buy that kind of polarizing clip, which is very comfortable. If you want to block the sun and sand, you need to buy riding glasses with myopia lenses inside. It should be 50 degrees less than your power, which will not affect your riding vision. It's a little uncomfortable at first.

You'd better go to the nearby optical shop and ask the staff to deal with it for you. If you want to solve it by yourself, there are two situations:

1. The metal at the base of the mirror leg is broken. There's no way to change the legs. Hold the lens by hand, and then blow it to the edge of the frame with the hair dryer at home. When it's a little hot, just push the lens out directly. Then heat your new frame carefully, insert the lens into it, rinse it with tap water and dry it with cloth.

2. Only the leg of the plastic part is broken, and the pile head (metal, screw) is still good. Just remove the leg of the new frame with a small screwdriver and install it on your frame. It doesn't affect the wearing at all

In fact, many people have given you the answer. It's very easy to buy a riding mirror, but the problem is the lens. Generally, the current market of riding mirror adopts the combination of lens and clip, which can basically meet the needs of most people. After all, it's very affordable. But if you want to buy a real sense of riding mirror, when the cost of the lens is 1500 ocean, the owner should be careful