How to change 100% riding glasses

Some riding glasses, with short-sighted glasses lens, that lens is not changed

If you buy riding glasses, it has many kinds of color Sunglasses (suitable for use in different light and weather conditions), it can be changed, there is a card on each side of the glasses, you pull those two places, and then remove them from the middle, OK! Up, is to first put the lens from the middle card, and then card on both sides is it!

Riding glasses are different from sunglasses. Never use sunglasses during riding. Because riding glasses have more windproof effect than sunglasses, don't underestimate this function, it can greatly reduce your risk of conjunctivitis. So the general good riding glasses, when the riding speed is too fast, will make your eyes can't feel the wind. Glass should not be used as lens material for cycling glasses, because it will greatly enhance the possibility of injury when you fall, while resin can protect your glasses from being scratched.


4 core, 4.7 large screen, dual card and dual mode.


I bought a 2680 mobile phone in a physical store, because I didn't look at it carefully when I needed it that day. I saw a 4-core, 4.7-screen. The clerk also said it was 8 megapixels, and the style was eye-catching. I thought it was also a Samsung brand. As a result, when I came back home, it was all kinds of pitfalls. When I bought a mobile phone, it was hundreds of pitfalls. When I bought it, I said it was 8 million pixels. When I went back home, I saw that it was only 5 million. The front camera was even more a decoration. If the mobile phone is not root, the next software will have to be deleted, or the memory will not be enough. With these shortcomings, what's the difference between the 4-core and the single core? The signal is almost as bad as this. If you go to a webpage like a tortoise and play for a while, the fart of the mobile phone will be too hot. The battery will have to be charged once a half day. It's just like pit to burst, pit to burst.

It's easy to say. I think the mirror has a nearsighted frame.

If you are not short-sighted, first clean the lens with a cloth, then directly lift out the two sides of the lens, and then directly break the lens flat, slightly turn it down.

This is what I sell sunglasses. Although I don't sell a machine or riding mirror, I think I know better about it. Generally, the lenses are made of resin sheets, and the material is relatively strong. Oh, I guess you may be led by a snail lion. You can see if there is a Roche Paul who can screw the lenses off wet and then put them on again, If I don't have screws, I think it's the main decoration chain. Ah, you pull it out to see if you can push it. Well, you can rest assured that it won't be damaged under the normal profit situation, because the materials of this home are relatively strong,