How to avoid the future manufacturers follow the trend of not sending chargers?

In fact, some design companies (yes, Apple) take the lead in promoting it, and they can't go back.

For example, apple led the non replaceable battery design; Nano SIM card led by Apple; Apple took the lead in canceling the 3.5mm headphone hole design;

Especially with the hardware changes of this kind of mobile phone, you will find that it's like the Yangtze River flowing eastward. As long as it changes, it can't go back.

Even Samsung, which insists on the 3.5mm headphone port, has no headphone port in the s and note series of recent generations.

I think the cancellation of chargers is also the behavior of future manufacturers.

Especially for high-end computers, this phenomenon will be more and more.

The way I can think of to avoid it is to restrict it by laws and regula

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Look at the previous news:

Apple's way of dealing with the European Union is also very simple: Apple has equipped all the iPhone 12 series with the data cable of lighting to C interface, that is, the lighting interface is still on the one hand, and the type-C interface is on the other. Apple has "perfunctorily" passed the European Union. Third party accessory companies want to make iPhone accessories, so they have to continue to pay apple.


But there's another law in France that Apple doesn't have that easy to crack

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Therefore, if you want to avoid the future manufacturers do not send charger behavior, the best way is to use legal restrictions. However, according to my experience, there are few legal restrictions on the hardware of electronic products in China.


Of course, we can't rule out that other countries will impose restrictions on this kind of behavior of not giving chargers. At that time, we may see the news: "country x thinks that mobile phone manufacturers must give chargers to mobile phones, because mobile phones may have potential safety hazards when using unofficial chargers, which will bring health hazards to consumers. So if there is no free charger, sales will be banned. "