How much does a mobile phone stand cost? Apple Online new accessories! Netizen: 200 yuan

It has been half a year since the launch of the iPhone 12 series. I believe most people's eyes are focused on the 5g function and price. 5g is very important, but the perception is not strong at this stage; In terms of price, the iPhone 12 has indeed reduced its price. In a certain east company, the iPhone 12 series will drop 600 yuan directly. If you add 9 yuan, you can start with the 149 yuan charging head on the official website. It's not too fragrant! There will certainly be a discount after this, but I don't know when. In short, this strength should be the "floor" price before the price adjustment of iPhone 12 after the release of iPhone 13.

In fact, I think the biggest thing that iPhone 12 brings to the whole industry or apple is the MagSafe function. You can simply understand it as magnetic suction wireless charging. With the magnetic absorption function, the charger can be adsorbed close to the charger, and the charger can be charged by adsorption, which solves the problem that the traditional wireless charging coil is not easy to align, and it is more convenient to carry MagSafe power bank when going out; Moreover, Apple's MagSafe charging supports 15W fast charging, and the charger is small in size, so it is convenient to carry while increasing power.

However, at present, MagSafe is only supported by the iPhone 12 series, and I suggest iPhone 12 users try this feature.

MagSafe will be the standard feature for future iPhones, with no wired charging. About the MFI certification of cable charging, I believe many people know that the iPhone without MFI certification will pop up and upgrade, not genuine; In fact, MagSafe also has relevant certification, in addition to Apple can control the quality, but also make a lot of money. After the release of iPhone 12, Apple has bred a huge market of MagSafe accessories. There is a special accessories area on Apple's official website.

For example, this dual charger can charge iPhone and apple watch at the same time, and can be folded when not in use. The price is 1049 yuan, which is really not cheap; Another example is this three in one charger, which can charge three devices at the same time. It's more suitable for apple family users. The price is also 1049 yuan. It seems that the third-party brand is more cost-effective.

Recently, Apple's official website quietly launched a new MagSafe accessory, which is a bit like the "youth version" of the above product. It's called two in one charger. After all, it's a youth version, and the price is only 719 yuan.

Or will your parts manufacturers make money! This two in one wireless charger also supports the MagSafe function. The top can charge the iPhone 12 (horizontally and vertically), and the bottom can charge the airpods, but it doesn't support charging the apple watch. There is a demand for this choice. After all, not everyone has an apple watch, but the airpods basically has one person.

But the price of 718 yuan still dissuades me. If there is no replacement product in the previous three in one version, the two in one version can be completed with 200 yuan.

First of all, you need a MagSafe charger. The official version of the charger costs 329 yuan, and it doesn't come with a charging head; In fact, you can start with a third-party version. For example, I have been using WOSR MagSafe charger. Its workmanship and quality control are the same as those of the official version. It also supports 15W MagSafe fast charging and exclusive charging animation, but the price is only 1 / 3 of the official version, and it comes with a fast charging head.

If you want to experience better, you can also start with the MagSafe case. With the charger, you also need a bracket to place the MagSafe charger. With this bracket, you can charge the iPhone and stand it up at the same time. As long as you put the MagSafe charger into this bracket, it will basically achieve the accessory effect of 718 yuan in the previous article. Of course, what is missing is the charging area of airpods, If you prepare a wireless charger, the price can reach 100 yuan, and the price of 200 yuan accessories can reach 718 yuan. Isn't that fragrant?

If you are an iPhone 12 user, I suggest you experience MagSafe charging, especially when it is used with a bracket. It's more convenient to put it on your desk. You can unlock it with a glance at the screen, and the operation can also be carried out on it, which is very convenient. This is the way of charging in the future. Now you can try it at a price of 100 yuan. Interested friends, you can pay attention to it!