How many data cable binding machines have you seen?

At present, the utilization rate of mobile phones has generally increased, with an average of one mobile phone for every two people. In Chinese society, only mobile phones have become quite popular. People who bow their heads and brush their screens can be seen everywhere in the streets, buses and subways of cities. People's demand for data cables is increasing, and the market is also expanding with the customer demand.

In some manufacturers, in order to create the aesthetic feeling of design and to show the difference of different wire quality, some data wire binding opportunities use conventional black binding wire to tie wire. Different quality, packaging mode will be different.

At present, there are still many manufacturers to tie the data cable. The binding machine is used for manual winding and binding, and the efficiency is slow. The efficiency of living a day is slow, and the cost of human and material resources is very huge.

Although the epidemic situation is serious, but the loss of general workers, the list of demand in the increase at the critical moment to order equipment in a hurry. For example, at the beginning of this year, a certain wire manufacturer has ordered 5 sets of Taishan in Jishuang, the efficiency of 1800 pieces per hour has been greatly improved, and the crisis has been lifted.

During the follow-up visit after the sales, the customer also regretted that he didn't order in time, because at this stage of staff turnover, he found that although he spent money in the early stage, he came back slowly in the later stage. A machine winding a day, equivalent to the speed of 2-3 people a day.

With the diversity of wire manufacturer's demand, data wire binding machine has also derived a lot of models, such as rubber band, Velcro roll, coreless wire binding paper roll, paper sticking, plastic coating and so on