How many beeps does the iPhone charge? What's the sign? Have you ever encountered these problems in Apple's fast charging?

For apple powder, it can make the iPhone full of 50% Apple PD fast charge in half an hour, and I believe it will never give up after experiencing it. With the opening of Apple's type-C to lightning line authorization, Apple's PD fast charging also rises rapidly, and gradually becomes the main charging trend of apple powder circle.

But for the iPhone fast charging, many problems encountered in the use of fruit powder are puzzling. For example, does one ring or two rings mean entering the fast charging? What's the mark of iPhone's fast charging.

Today, we are going to answer the five questions we often encounter when we use the iPhone fast charging.
Is the iPhone fast charging going to ring once or twice?
Anyone who has ever used iPhone fast charging should know that when charging, the mobile phone will have a charging prompt tone, and this prompt tone has plagued the majority of Apple fans so far.

Because netizens have different opinions about this, some say that the prompt sound is fast charging, some say that it means entering fast charging only when it rings twice, otherwise it may be that there is something wrong with the PD charging head or the c-to-l line.
The truth is: no matter how many rings, the iPhone has entered the fast charging stage.
According to Apple's official customer service, the reason why there are different sounds is mainly related to the residual power of the mobile phone when charging. When the power is low, it rings twice, and when the power is high, it rings once. It has no direct relationship with the charger and iPhone fast charging line.
However, Apple's official customer service also said that there was no data test to distinguish the rings according to the amount of power.
There are also many fruit powder feedback. Apple will ring quickly for several times, which is like the weather in Guangdong is cloudy and sunny. Sometimes it rings twice. There are also different differences in using different quick charging suits, and there is no fixed standard. So as long as we know, using original or regular third-party c-switching lightning line and PD charger, no matter how many times it rings, it will not affect the normal fast charging of iPhone, but don't worry.

What logo does the iPhone charge have (how to judge whether the iPhone is charging fast)
Since the sound of a few times can not be a sign of whether the iPhone is entering the fast charging, how can I know if the iPhone is charging? What is the logo of iPhone fast charging?
When Android phones are charging, the screen shows "charging fast", and we know that it is charging. But the iPhone is fast charging without any display or logo.
To know if the iPhone is charging fast, you can judge it by two methods.
Method 1: when the power of iPhone is low, it starts charging, and it can increase by 50% in half an hour, which means that the iPhone is charging quickly.

Method 2: the highest power of iPhone charging reaches 18W fast charging standard by ammeter, which means that the iPhone is charged quickly.
It's a bit of a problem, but it's at least a good judgment.
In fact, mung bean thinks that apple can display whether it is fast charging directly on the screen, just like Android mobile phone. Even the display language mungbean that meets Apple's high forcing grid is well thought about, such as fast charging has entered, and is born fast and fast and endless Is it particularly good? What better language do you think of?
How can I get my iPhone to charge?
After Apple PD charging is getting hot, many fruit powder is eager to try and experience the PD charging pleasure. But after connecting the charger, we found that the charging speed didn't change much, which made everyone wonder: is this a mobile phone problem or a charger problem? Not really.
We need to understand that iPhone must meet the following two conditions to fast charge:
First, the mobile phone itself supports PD fast charging,
Second, it should be matched with PD quick charging head + original or MFI certified c-turn L line;
Both are indispensable.
The iPhone models currently supporting PD charging are as follows:
Unless you're ready for the new iPhone to be released in September.
How much W is the iPhone charging?
This seems to be a very simple problem, but still let some fruit powder muddle face, that green bean here again said to everyone.
All iPhones that currently support PD fast charging are up to 18W charging and iPad supports up to 30W charging.
It is said that the new iPhone released by apple in September will continue to support PD fast charging. It is not known whether the charging power will be improved. After all, there are many Android phones with 40W fast charging. If Apple can keep pace with the times in fast charging, it is believed that it will bring better charging experience to fruit powder.
How to choose the iPhone quick charging head?
As for Apple PD fast charging, we often see PD 18W, 30W, 45W, 65W and other different specifications of quick filling head, which makes fruit powder difficult. What should we choose?
It's really simple. It depends on whether you use this PD quick charger to charge iPhone, iPad, or MacBook.
If it is only for iPhone fast charging, choose 18W charging head;
If you want to charge the iPad, choose 30W;
If you want to meet MacBook power supply at the same time, you can choose 45W or 65W.
Why do you choose this way?
As we have just said, the iPhone supports 18W PD fast charging at most, and the iPad is the same as the same thing no matter how many w charging heads are used. In addition, PD charging head can be downward compatible with charging, that is, high power can be compatible with low-power fast charging, intelligent identification equipment, fast charging can ensure safety.
I don't think I can accept that there are some small partners here: in this case, I don't choose a PD charger with the maximum power to be all used?
It is not only necessary to know that the price of PD charging head of different specifications is different. Generally speaking, the higher the price of power is, so it is the best to choose according to the equipment and demand used by yourself. What do you think?
I believe that after the science popularization, everyone has a certain understanding of Apple fast charging. Are you using apple fast charging now? Have you ever met these problems? What other charging problems have you encountered?
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