How long does your data cable last? How to select a data cable with good quality?

With the popularity of all kinds of digital devices, charging has become a daily necessity. So what happens when your data cable breaks down? Do you choose expensive original parts or buy a third party? Or just choose a cheap cable that works? Before you start, let's share a secret of [power / data cable identification], which you can refer to.

Discrimination guide 1. The thickness of the data cable



The most intuitive way to distinguish the quality of the data cable is to look at the size of the data cable. First, the data cable is divided into two parts, the inner conductor and the outer insulation. For internal conductors, the thicker the wire, the greater the current that can pass through it. There are two kinds of common fast charging lines, 2a and 5A. For example, the data cables of Huawei mate30, Xiaomi k20pro, oppo Reno ace, vivo iqoo and xtar ST2 chargers, which are popular devices on the market, are very thick and can pass 5A large current.

Huawei's mate 9 5A data cable is very thick

Of course, if you buy a third-party data cable, if you find that the line is very thick but the price is very cheap, you should pay attention to it. Because it does not rule out the fact that some manufacturers deliberately make the outer insulating skin of the data cable very thick to cover up the small copper wire of the inner conductor. Therefore, we can only say that a good data cable will not be too thin, and a data cable that is too thin will not be good.

Discrimination guide 2. Material of data cable

The insulation material of data cable can also be used as a reference to judge the quality of data cable. At present, PVC, TPE and nylon braid are the most common appearance materials on the market.



PVC is the common plastic in our daily life. It is a common material. The data cable made of this kind of material is brittle, plastic flavor is big, color is dim, feel rough, inflexible and easy to break after bending. At present, the 9.9 package mail on the market generally belongs to this type.

Comparison of three data cables

TPE material (thermoplastic elastomer) is often used for data cable of general electronic products. This kind of data cable is soft, tough, no obvious smell, bright and delicate color, smooth and smooth handle, and has good elasticity after folding.

Nylon Braided data cable is a new type of data cable which has been developed in the past two years, that is, a layer of braided skin has been added outside the TPE, and the tensile strength has also been greatly improved. The so-called pull data cable publicized by some manufacturers is made of this kind of woven material.

Discrimination guide 3. Length of data cable

Maybe you want the data cable to be longer now - two or three meters long, so that you can connect from the desk to the bedside, charging while playing King glory.

However, the longer the data cable is, the greater the line resistance is, the more the current loss is, and the lower the charging power is. So in fact, the shorter the data cable, the higher the charging efficiency.

Pdc-3 three in one multifunctional braided data cable

Therefore, you can buy data cables with a length of about 1m. It is unnecessary to buy 2-3m data cables. After all, 1m data cables are enough for you to lie down and play games.



Finally, summarize that the data cable of electronic equipment is broken, and it is recommended to directly use the original data cable if the third party is to be selected, it is recommended to purchase the data cable of TPE or woven material with thick wire rod.