How long does Apple 12 charge with a 20W charger?

It can be inferred from the charging speed of the iPhone 12 that the charging speed of the iPhone 12mini is estimated to be about 1 hour and 30 minutes, the charging speed of the iPhone 12pro is estimated to be less than 2 hours, and the charging speed of the iPhone 12promax is estimated to be about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

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It's about the same size as Apple's 5v1a, but it can provide 20W fast charging power.


More importantly, it supports the output of 9v2.22a. Only the charger that supports this data can give Apple's iPhone 12 a full charge! Official wireless charger MAG safe can also use it to play the highest charging efficiency!!

Let's start with wired fast charging

The last picture shows how long each iPhone 12 will be charged in Apple's PD 20W cable fast charging system.

It can be charged from 0 to more than 50% in the first 30 minutes;

It can be charged from 0% to more than 85% in one hour;

The remaining 15% was filled in the second hour;


Why is the charging efficiency so low in the second hour

The first 80% of the batteries in Apple's mobile phones use fast charging, and the next 20% use slow trickle charging. This can not only charge quickly, but also protect the battery and prolong the battery life. It can be seen that the content of this graph is self consistent with the data of the previous graph.

About Apple's PD fast charging, recommended reading: Apple's PD fast charging strategy (continuous update)

Fast charging head, the small, portable and exquisite Anker nano 20W (price is about 70) and the regular large and small size of lvlian (price is about 35) are recommended. In the past November, the sales ranking of Jingdong is second and third in addition to Apple's original head.

Let's take a look at wireless "fast charging":

Why is the "fast charging" quoted here? The current test results show that Apple's official PD 20W fast charging and "MagSafe" match well to achieve an output of about 15W. Many people under other fast charging heads report that the output power is unstable or the effect is not good. Specifically, it is recommended to read: MagSafe strategy for wireless charging of iPhone (continuous update)


At present, everyone's usage data is that the charging time of apple in MagSafe with the official 20W PD fast charging head is about 2.5 hours. It can be seen that there is a certain gap between apple and wired fast charging, but it is in a comparable category.