How is the mobile phone wireless charging slow? How to choose a charger to improve the charging speed?

As a wireless charging enthusiast with 10 + various wireless chargers, I am responsible to tell you that wireless charging is really fragrant! Many people feel that the wireless charging speed is too slow when they use it, but in fact, the Wireless Flash charging of Xiaomi 11 has reached 50W, which is even faster than many wired chargers. So what is the possible reason for the slow charging? Personal summary of the use of wireless charger has two aspects to pay attention to:

1. Power plug power, wireless charger power, mobile phone wireless charging receiving power

Power plug power / wireless charger power / mobile phone wireless charging receiving power, these three key points are complementary and mutually restrictive relationship, the final actual power is the smallest of these three items as the actual charging power.

For example: the 99 yuan Xiaomi wireless charger is 20W, so the power plug should not be less than 20W, otherwise the power plug will be discounted. If a 20W Xiaomi wireless charger is equipped with a 5W Apple original power plug to charge a 7.5W iPhone, the final charging power is only 5W. Similarly, the actual wireless charging power will not exceed 20W when a mobile phone with 50W receiving power is charged by a 20W Xiaomi wireless charger.

Tips: the power cord between the power plug and the wireless charger should be the original wireless charger. Some friends once insisted that the quality of the third-party power cord in their hands was better, which led to the intermittent wireless charging of mobile phones.

2. Thickness and bracket of mobile phone protective case

Wireless charging requires the distance between the mobile phone and the wireless charging panel, so the thick mobile phone protective shell or back bracket will lead to the distance exceeding the effective receiving range or "virtual charging". Thickness distance / charging angle / metal barrier will have a great impact on the wireless charging experience.

Mobile phone protection shell and bracket are the most easily ignored aspects. Wireless charger is usually designed as "limiter" or "tray". If the mobile phone protection shell is too thick or the bracket is too large, it will lead to the phenomenon that the bottom of the mobile phone can not be stuck into the "limiter" and the mobile phone can not slide stably, which directly affects the charging stability.

Tips: another case is that there is a magnetic iron sheet inside the protective case of some special mobile phones, and the wireless charger will automatically stop charging in case of metal.

Several factors that affect the speed of wireless charging: power plug power, power cord, wireless charger power, mobile phone wireless charging receiving power, mobile phone shell, mobile phone bracket. Now the wireless charger technology has been very mature, product quality stability is also very high, so when there is a problem, we should first check and eliminate the above problems, will save more time and trouble.

Wireless charging power several elements, indispensable, with a high-power charger, charging head also remember to replace with high-power Oh, the following is a cost-effective charging head, for your reference. Xiaomi USB charger 65W fast charging version 2a1c 149 yuan

Wireless charging related products recommendation:

1. Millet vertical wireless charger (20W) 99 yuan

20W wireless charging power, double coil design, mobile phone can be placed vertically and horizontally. I have three chargers and have been using them all the time. I think the appearance design / charging performance and texture quality of this product are right for this price. I think it is a good choice for the same price or even higher.

2. Millet vertical air cooled wireless charger (55W black) 199 yuan

At present, Xiaomi's maximum power (the fastest charging speed) wireless charger, if the mobile phone is 30W or 33W of wireless charging power, it is recommended that everyone "redundancy" buy this high-power wireless charger, because the mobile phone upgrade speed is faster, and the wireless charger product can be used for several years, in the future, the new mobile phone can also achieve power coverage. (Note: due to the air-cooled cooling design, this wireless charger does not support horizontal charging of mobile phone, so it should not be considered for the use scenario of charging while brushing the screen horizontally.)

3. Xiaomi wireless power bank 30W 10000mah charger 199 yuan

This product is more interesting. It is not only a vertical wireless charger, but also a wireless power bank (of course, it also supports wired charging). In short, Xiaomi has designed a charging stand for its own wireless power bank (the power bank has its own charging contact). When you go home, plug the power bank part into the charging stand, which is a wireless charger. When you go out, you can pull the power bank part off It's a wireless power bank (Note: since the wireless power bank is a single charging coil, this product does not support horizontal charging of mobile phones). Compared with the 55W black model above, I may choose this one at the same price. After all, it has a clever design idea and is also very practical. Instead of 55W's extreme high speed, I get 30W's super practical. I think it's not a loss! It is suitable to be placed in the living room and other places within reach when going out. (think about the use of the scene is very graphic, seriously recommend this product!)

4. Xiaomi wireless car charge 20W black 189 yuan

By the way, I'd like to recommend another Xiaomi car wireless charger. I have purchased and used this car charger since its release. I personally think it is the king of car wireless chargers in terms of appearance, use experience and product quality. This product simply means that the mobile phone automatically opens when it is close to the charger clamping arm, and the mobile phone automatically clamps when it is put in for a few seconds Touch the side of the charger with your fingers, open the clamping arm to take out the mobile phone, and the charger comes with a fan for heat dissipation and a circular indicator light. Now new cars have their own wireless charging area, but the old models may want to provide wireless charging for the rear passengers, so this car charger is a good choice.

5. Xiaomi intelligent tracking wireless charger (20W white)

The price of this charger is relatively high, so it's only recommended to the rich and enterprising people. This product has a sense of science and technology. In short, if the mobile phone or other devices with wireless charging are placed in the effective charging range of the charger, the charging coil in the charger will automatically sense and move to the mobile phone or other devices Wireless charging, and if two devices are placed at the same time, charging is carried out in sequence (after one device is fully charged, it will move automatically, and then charge the other device). Although this charger is 20W and the price is high, it can be used in front of customers to show such a technological product. 20W and the price seem not to be very important, and those who are interested can go small The rice some product purchase, possibly too expensive, some East and some treasure self-management does not have