How does the charging head of Pinsheng and lvlian compare? Which is more worth buying?

Talk about Apple accessories. Apple home accessories, with an MFI certification, is the abbreviation of Apple's made for iPhone / iPad / iPod.

Under this certification, the manufacturer's products must comply with Apple's quality, safety and other specifications. At the same time, we can obtain and use Apple's charging chip, which together with the power management IC of mobile phone forms a complete charging scheme.

(Huawei also began to develop the same certification, which is undoubtedly a great good thing. Quality, safety and specification are the most important.)

Unfortunately, Pinsheng is a blacklist on Apple accessories and has not been certified by MFI.


The accessories of lvlian are made of very good materials. Other recommendations, Netease strict selection, purple rice (rice family)

There is no problem charging the iPhone with a CCC certified power adapter that meets the applicable standards.

MFI authentication is data line authentication, charging head is not MFI authenticati Oh, if it is fast charging charger, only support PD protocol can be used

MFI authentic

Which products support MFI certification?

Data cable, car charger, travel charger, mobile power supply, back clip power supply, wireless charger, extended memory, etc

The iPhone 8 and above all support fast charging, while Apple's original 5W charger (5v1a) is slow charging. So Apple 8 or more models, buy 20W fast charge is relatively more cost-effective.

Pinsheng and lvlian are both big factories, and they are also enterprises integrating R & D, production and sales of mobile phones. You can choose any one.

Which is the best apple mobile phone charger?

What kind of charger are you going to use to charge your iPhone 12?

Sirzhuo: do you need another charger for iPhone 12? Where can I buy Apple original charger?

I just bought apple. Do you want the charger to be original or a third party one? Does the third party affect the mobile phone? If it doesn't affect, would you recommend a third-party charger brand?

Which charger is better for iPhone 12?

Where can I buy Apple original charger online? First of all, lvlian has MFI certification, and Pinsheng is on the official blacklist of Apple accessories.

Some of my friends don't know what MFI certification is. Let's popularize it: MFI is the abbreviation of made for iPhone / iPod / iPad, which is a kind of license mark of Apple company for authorized accessory manufacturers.


Without MFI certification, let alone the quality problems, just upgrading the firmware may not be able to use, which is enough to be criticized.

Secondly, I haven't used Pinsheng's charging head, but I bought Pinsheng's data cable. The plastic texture is relatively strong, and I feel it's very cheap to touch, not to mention the news that Pinsheng has charged the mobile phone.

This year, apple canceled the standard charging head. Many friends are puzzled about how to choose the charging head. Here are some suggestions:


  1. Lvlian pd20w charger

Socket: type-C interface, single port

There is no hot charging and no mismatch.

Safety, to buy certification is to feel at ease, Pinsheng materials let people buy at ease.

  1. Anker Apple Express

Socket: type-C interface, single port

This is the most portable fast charging device on the market. The overall dimensions are basically the same as the original 5v1a.

It is durable, the length of the data cable is very good, the charging is very fast, and the compatibility is very high.

The interface surface is smooth, and the other five surfaces are frosted. This design also avoids scratches in daily use. In short, it's great.

  1. Apple pd20w charger set certified by lvlian MFI

Socket: type-C interface, single port

The workmanship is very solid, with texture, anti-skid wire harness, and texture when touching the wire.

This folding design is very good. I like it very much.

Charging speed is very fast, basically half an hour can charge 80%.

  1. Six port output of Xiaomi original 60W USB charger fast charging version

Socket: type-C interface, multi port

To meet the charging needs of a family, many mobile phone friends are suitable to choose this charger.

Mi Jia quality, trustworthy, I am using a charger, very fragrant.

  1. Apple 20W usb-c mobile phone charger plug

Apple original head, nothing to say, close your eyes to buy.