How does myopia wear riding glasses

There are two ways: one is to buy the kind of cycling glasses suitable for myopia, that is, a plastic frame is added behind the lens of the cycling glasses. You can take that frame to the glasses store to match clothes. The frame of the myopia glasses can also be removed without using it. The other is to wear contact lenses, and then you can wear a cycling glasses at will

I don't know how long your so-called long distance is. If it's a 12 day journey, you can wear contact lenses. I usually wear contact lenses on my bike. There's nothing uncomfortable about it. If you wear contact lenses, you'd better wear eye drops to avoid too dry glasses. You'd better wear frame glasses just in case

If you use that kind of short-sighted special riding glasses, you can also use it. The eyes should be more comfortable, but the disadvantage is that the line of sight will be affected, because the frame behind the lens of the riding glasses is generally small, which means that the short-sighted lens is relatively small. When you ride, you will have some influence on the rest of the glasses, and when you look back, how to choose depends on yourself Also bought can be on the myopia lens riding glasses, but never used, always go cycling with contact lenses·

I bought a pair of Taiwan's super dare to move riding glasses, with five pairs of lenses (replaceable) and a short-sighted frame inside. I didn't get used to it when I just brought them on, but they will get better gradually. The key is the problem of line of sight in huiban. Because the nearsighted frame inside has a large curvature, there will be blind areas on both sides, and the field of vision will be reduced. I don't know if it will affect the safety

I studied a lot about glasses when I was wearing glasses last year. I'm going to buy cycling glasses recently. Let's share with you

If I'm used to wearing contact lenses, of course it's best. I don't need to think about it at all. Unfortunately, I'm not used to wearing contact lenses, and I'm afraid to cut lasers. I have to buy riding glasses with built-in nearsighted frames

The lens of ordinary myopia glasses is the whole symmetrical circle, the front of the aspheric surface is basically flat, and there is almost no horizontal angle between the left and right lenses

In order to fit the face, the goggles are curved, so as to protect the wind and shade. Even if the ordinary myopia frame is large, and the dyed lenses can not replace the goggles, because there is no radian, it can't fit the face