How do I think it's a good thing that Xiaomi 11 doesn't send charging head?

Lei Jun's microblog today has become the most popular one in the digital circle

At 10 am this morning, Lei Jun said on his microblog that he would "announce a major decision on Xiaomi 11". After an hour of heated discussion, Lei Jun officially revealed the answer at 11:00: in response to the call of science and technology and environmental protection, Xiaomi 11, Xiaomi's next-generation flagship, will cancel the accompanying charger.

Lei Jun's decision instantly triggered a bloodbath in the digital circle. Many people said that they would not buy Xiaomi 11 without a charger. Under Lei Jun's microblog, we can also see overwhelming opposition.

As an absolute hot spot today, Xiaolei can really conform to everyone's emotions and criticize Xiaomi from the perspective of capital greed. However, in view of the fact that this article has been published half a day late, Xiaolei will explain to you the real reason why Xiaomi cancelled the charger from a different perspective, as well as some of Xiaolei's conjectures about Xiaomi 11.

Right. After all, Xiaolei doesn't think it's a bad idea for Xiaomi to cancel the charger.

Another victory for apple?

Xiaomi's cancellation of the charger is easily reminiscent of Apple's cancellation of the iPhone 12 charger in October. The two reasons are also extremely consistent: environmental protection. In addition to the iPhone 12, Apple also canceled all chargers for Apple watch, iPhone Se and other products on sale.

Apple's "shocking" move directly made it a target of ridicule. Although the iPhone 12 is controversial, on the issue of canceling the charger, the feedback from apple and apple black is surprisingly consistent: Apple cancels the charger not for environmental protection, but for profit.

Old Samsung took the lead in saying that as long as you buy a galaxy mobile phone, we will give you a basic charger. Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei's consumer business, joked at the press conference that there was no need to buy additional chargers for mate 40. Xiaomi, Yijia and other manufacturers are naturally not outdone, and have released photos of mobile phone boxes with chargers.

The sharpest of these is Xiaomi's official account in Spain, which jokingly claims that smartphones without chargers are a complete nightmare.

But there is a good saying that flag can't stand up in disorder. In less than two months, the digital circle bosses' attitude towards the charger turned 180 degrees.

First, Samsung, according to the documents submitted by Samsung to other countries, Galaxy S21 will not be attached with charger at random, and Samsung silently removes previously ridiculed twitter; The reason why Lei Jun announced the cancellation of charger in advance was to avoid being the target of consumers on the day of the conference; Huawei has not yet started on its mobile phone, but it also issues questionnaires to some consumers asking whether customers can accept the cancellation of charging line for future headphones.

In a moment, there are three top five mobile phone manufacturers in the world, and one is also in a hurry.

Android brand mocks apple and then "really fragrant" behavior, which reminds people of the situation when Apple cancelled the headphone hole and attached headphones. Many Android flagship at that time were proud of the "headphone hole". But in just two years, most Android brands have also cancelled the headset components, all following Apple's launch of its own real wireless headset.

But charger is more special than headphones: it's a device that every user must use. Especially in today's fast charging, except apple adopts the general agreement, Huawei, oppo, millet and other manufacturers have adopted proprietary agreements, and the charging head cannot be used. Next year, Android phones will be charged quickly on the collective basis. Why should major manufacturers still insist on canceling the charger at this key node?

I believe that this is a lot of consumer doubts, but here, Xiao Lei asked:

Is it really important to charge a hundred watts?

After half a year of propaganda bombing by major manufacturers, the advantage of 100 watt fast charging is that small thunder can be reversed: five minutes to 50%, 15 minutes full, multi-polar, high-speed batteries, and various black technologies are too busy to meet.

But we think carefully, it is easy to calm down from the fever: the popular 65 watt / 50 Watt fast charging can achieve 10 minutes charging 40%, half an hour at least 80% of the speed, which is enough for most ordinary users, after all, eat breakfast brush teeth, noon rest time is still available, on this basis, the significance of another 5 minutes is not obvious.

In fact, the 10 can only support 30 watt fast charging (pro up to 50 watts), but the millet 10 series still has a remarkable performance of 8million sets. Samsung S20 ultra also did not have a built-in full-power 45 watt charger, but instead replaced it with 25 watts, but it did not stir up too much opposition in the market.

The above examples fully show that even if it is a flagship user, 65 watts / 50W fast charging can meet the use needs of most people, even the power of about 30 watts is not unacceptable, which is still the most parameter oriented millet users.

But on the contrary, it seems that the 100 watt is fast filling. Although it sounds good, the volume problem can not be solved in a short time. The popular gallium nitride materials in the industry make the 65 watt charger not too large, and the weight is controlled in the BAC. However, the 100 watt charger is not only two laps in volume, but also about 200 g in weight.

For consumers, with such a huge charging head, although the charging speed is fast, it is likely to suffer from losses in the wall plug / patch panel, instead of a 30W Gan nitride.

And volume is also an important reason for apple to cancel its charger, and since the jobs era, Apple has been working to reduce the size of its cell phone box, in order to allow aircraft and ships to load more phones.

The iPhone 12 has a remarkable effect on cancelling the charger. Compared with the case of iPhone 11, the 12 is half smaller, which makes it easier for apple to supply to all parts of the world. According to rumors, this time, Xiaomi 11 is in order to seize the high-end market, and the stock volume is also around million. Once the "shortage" normal millet is changed, it is sure to increase the air transport capacity as much as possible.

Besides volume, cost has become the consideration object of major manufacturers. At present, the official price of 65 watt Gan charger is about 100 yuan, while 100 watt charger is generally over 200 yuan. Apart from iqoo, Android brands on the market do not have 120 Watt chargers, enough to show that the market demand is not high.

Therefore, instead of increasing the cost of mobile phone by nearly 100 yuan and increasing the freight cost for a small crowd, it is better to change the 100 watt fast charging into an optional version, which is the answer given by Xiaomi.

What is the perfect solution?

However, it is worth noting that both apple and Samsung adopt the universal fast charging protocol. For example, even without official chargers, other mobile phone chargers can recognize its charging protocol. But millet adopts its own protocol. Although it can be compatible with low-power fast charging, the charging head still constitutes a barrier.

Xiaolei thinks that millet can cut off the charger in order to reduce the volume of the packing box, but it should add the option of "chargers available" to users, and the price cannot be too high. For example, the 65W charger with original price of 99 yuan can be changed into the "one yuan add" mode of network transmission, or it can be added free of charge through exchange code. Let the geek group need, can take the attached charger at a lower price, so it should meet the "cost-effective" initial heart of millet.