How do computers connect to the Internet through mobile data cables?

With the rapid development of science and technology, modern society has almost achieved the full coverage of information. As an important carrier of the mobile Internet era, mobile phones and computers have become indispensable tools in people's work and life.

But have you ever encountered such a situation: when you use the computer, you suddenly cut off the network, but the desktop computer does not have a wireless network card and does not support WiFi, what should you do? Today Ozawa takes you to know how a computer uses a data cable to access the Internet!

We take Android type-C interface as an example to operate, prepare an original or brand data cable, connect the mobile phone and computer, open the settings in the mobile phone, find "connection", enter "mobile hotspot and network sharing", and open "USB network sharing".

It should be noted that different mobile phones are opened in different ways. For example, Huawei mobile phones open "wireless and network", click "mobile network sharing" to open "USB shared network", and some mobile phones enter through "more connection".

Some friends may have such a question, since you can connect the computer with a mobile phone, on the other hand, can the mobile phone use a network cable to access the Internet? The answer is yes, but we need to use a tool - type-C to network cable converter. The operation is very simple. First, connect the type-C interface to the mobile phone, and then connect the network interface to the Internet cable.

At the same time, the converter also provides two USB3.0 interfaces, which can be used for tablet, desktop, notebook, mouse, keyboard, mobile phone and other devices, supporting forward and backward plug-in, charging devices and so on. Plug in after automatic installation drive, no drive disk, easy to use!

Can easily solve the daily life, connect the mouse, keyboard and other USB interface is not enough, notebook network card interface damage, data transmission read too slow problem!