How about the MFI data line experience of less than 40 yuan? Ifory Apple data line experience

Because of the bending, accidental damage or loss of the data line, it is often necessary to replace the new data line. The price of Apple's original data cable is not cheap, and it is not the best choice for small partners who value cost performance to replace the data cable.

Buying three party brands at random, the work and materials of the copycat factories are awesome enough. It's a small matter that you can't use it. It's a big loss to break your cell phone. Generally speaking, it's more reliable to recognize the MFI certified data line, with guaranteed quality, no pop-up window, and a certain price advantage over the original factory. There is a big price gap between MFI certified data lines, but there are still many cost-effective products. This time, the price of two dogs is less than 40 yuan. Let's start with two ifory Apple data lines to share the experience.

Considering the low price and the demand of use scenarios, we started with one apple data line for port a and one apple data line for port C at one time (port C is for self use, port a is for family, and focus on sharing the c2l data line for self use). There are many colors to choose from. You can choose according to your preference. Ifory data line is packaged in a small size, and the outer package is designed with corrugated paper box and disposable paper seal.


In addition to the data line, a paper quality assurance card is attached. In order to prevent the data line from deformation in transportation, it is very considerate to fix the wire before leaving the factory.


Different from the charging data line which tends to be simple, ifory data line has a strong Chinese style element and strong identification. There are many colors to choose from. Do you like the fierce man's color this time?


In terms of materials, woven materials are used, which are more durable than ordinary materials. The overall material is solid, the workmanship is good, there is no obvious overflow and burr, and the positioning of the parts is also very accurate.

The mesh tail is made of TPE material, and the SR mesh tail is up to 10 mm, which is not easy to break when bending. The laboratory test can resist 20000 + bending operation, and the reliability performance is good.

Net tail lengthening can better protect the wire, not easy to break, compared with the common data line net tail can see the obvious gap.

The plug part is a metal shell, the surface is coated and anodized, the overall workmanship is good.

It's very safe to plug in the mobile phone, and the basic part is loose. At the same time, the net tail of lengthening design can not only reduce the possibility of wire damage, but also be more convenient to use.


The data line has passed MFI certification, so there is no need to worry about pop-up window in the process of using. With good workmanship and stability performance, the price of less than 40 yuan is quite good.

The performance is enough to meet the needs of Apple's devices. In addition to iPhone, it can also charge devices such as iPad.

Ifory data cable material in durability and reliability is good, ifory data cable braided wire is not hard, can be more convenient for bending and storage.

Wire length design is more reasonable, whether it is used with power bank or charger, it is more convenient. However, it is a little pity that there is no random free strap.

Ifory, as a data line certified by MFI, can not afford the price of 40 yuan for its workmanship and user experience. If you want to buy a reliable data line, and at the same time take into account the cost performance, it's really a good choice.

In addition, the apple data line of port a is not shared in detail. The overall workmanship is also good, but the design is slightly different. The lighting port adopts a 90 degree elbow design, which is more suitable for mobile game players to play while punching.

From the overall experience, ifory data line is satisfying, and the cost performance of the wire is still very high. If you like, you can pay attention to the activities. C2l data line is less than 30 yuan, A2L data line is less than 20 yuan. What else do you need for the price? Get on the bike.