How about the actual experience of Xiaomi 20W wireless charger?

A month has passed since the launch of Xiaomi 9. Now many friends should have used Xiangxiang's Xiaomi 9. Xiangxiang is really Xiangxiang. With the release of Xiaomi 9, there is the protagonist of today's article - Xiaomi 20W wireless charger. Wireless, fast charge, 20W, 99 yuan, the combination of these words is too attractive, I did not finish the press conference at that time, I wanted to start one. As a result, I made an appointment to rob Xiaomi mall twice, but I didn't get it. With give up, and then try to place an order in Jingdong, search for a bit, actually have the right price, package version plus postage only 169, only 10 yuan more expensive than the mall, hurry to pay! After receiving things, I plan to make a simple evaluation of this product and send it out, so that you can have a general understanding of this wireless charger for your reference when purchasing products.

OK, let's get to the point!

Outer packaging: the overall packaging is not unexpected, or as always thick rice home style, white, clean. I believe most people prefer this design style, which is very pleasing to consumers.

On the back of the packing box are some product parameters, as follows:

Product Name: Xiaomi wireless charger (20W fast charging version);

Applicable model: millet 9; Product material: pc+ liquid silica gel;

Manufacturer: Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd;

Manufacturer: Kunshan liantao Electronics Co., Ltd;

Model: mdy-10-ep;

Input: 5v-20v 1.35a max;

Output: 20W max;

Address of manufacturer: No. 68, Qinghe middle street, Haidian District, Beijing.

Certification mark: Qi certification, high pass QC certification, etc.

Inner packaging:

The package is divided into two layers, namely charger and power adapter, charging data line, 3 sets.

All the accessories are taken out to take a picture, put them together to see, and feel that this white combination has Apple feeling, and it has some advanced feeling. The charger surface and bottom are made of rubber, the touch is very delicate, and the mobile phone is also stable.

There are also operating instructions and warranty cards in the inner packing box, which are short in content.

The contents of the instruction are as shown in the figure. I will not print them all. Haha.


Product specification parameters on the back of wireless charger: (same as outer packaging)

Model: mdy-10-ep;

Input: 5v-20v 1.35a max;

Output: 20W max;

Manufacturer: Kunshan liantao Electronics Co., Ltd.

Identification certification: Qi certification, high pass QC certification, etc.

The charger has no doubt adopted the type - C interface.

There are two sides of charger, each row of heat dissipation holes, normal operation did not find any obvious sound.

High power supply adapter:
iPhone Adapter
Model: mdy-10-eh,

Input: 100-240V, 50/60hz, 0.7A;

Output: 5v3a, 9v3a, 12v2.25a, 20v1.35a

Experience: charging mobile phone - mix2s

I don't have millet 9, so I can only use mix2s to make a evaluation.

First, there will be a small animation charging after charging, and the viewing is pretty.

When your mobile phone is not set, a "put in center, charging more effective" prompt will pop up, which is more humanized.

I found that my MIS 2S charging efficiency is not high, 10 minutes charged 2% of the electricity.

16: 10 points, power 82%

iPhone Charger Adapter

16: 15 points, electricity 83% 16:20 points, power 84% summary:

Personally, I think this 20W wireless charger is more suitable for the latest millet 9. Although the details page says that MIX2S and MIX3 are fast charging, the efficiency of MIX2S charging is awesome. Sleep at night can be filled with wireless, usually it is old honest practical line to fill it. To achieve the effect of 20W wireless fast charging, you need to configure all your mobile phone, charger and power adapter in place. So, if it is to charge the mix series wireless, it is not necessary to buy this 20W wireless charging. Before buying the 69 yuan 10W one, it is OK. And already hold millet 9 classmate, can buy do not hesitate!

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