How about pinhole camera glasses

With pinhole lens, the visual acuity was improved obviously. The principle of improving eyesight is equivalent to the lens of a camera. A small aperture can increase the range of depth of field. That's why! It helps to protect the eyes and can prevent myopia from deepening, but it won't treat myopia. In short, it's a health product that can protect you, but it won't cure you.

Five holes is better. It won't affect the vision.

1. Introduction

Pinhole glasses is a kind of special glasses with holes in the lens. Because it can block useless reflected light around, it can make the target object clearly displayed, exercise eye muscles and improve vision.

2. Characteristics

Pinhole glasses only have five holes each, but it can block the unnecessary reflected light around. The precise and scientific pinhole can accurately display the object you want to see. And it has the function of training eye muscles

3. Effect

Wearing eyeglasses can correct all kinds of poor vision caused by ametropia and abnormal adjustment, such as myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, etc. Wearing eyeglasses with small holes can relieve the fatigue, tension and spasm of the regulating system of the eye, so as to achieve the purpose of prevention and treatment of juvenile myopia. Young people who have already suffered from myopia can get obvious effect in a short time by wearing eyeglasses. Young people without myopia wear eyeglasses can effectively prevent myopia.

Pinhole glasses are based on the innovative theory of "pinhole effect" by Dr. William Horace schubetz, the world's ophthalmic authority. With scientifically designed pinholes, they can filter abnormal light, let positive light source pass through the pinhole into the cornea, and focus through the lens, which is similar to the principle of a telescope. Anyone with poor eyesight can wear pinhole glasses. Eye fatigue, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, and even pinhole glasses for cataract patients can improve vision. Pinhole glasses can not make the vision of myopic patients return to normal, but pinhole glasses can prevent further deterioration of vision.