How about Anker power bank and Anker power bank?

I still remember that when the iPhone 12 was just released last year, it was said to cancel the charging head. Overnight, my friends were discussing what to do without the charging head. Many friends recommended the exclusive third-party charging head of Anker's iPhone 12. Since then, many people have known about Anker brand. In fact, Anker not only has charging head, but also its power bank is very innovative. It's very suitable for young people's tonality

Summary of all brands of power bank

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  1. How about Huawei power bank? Huawei power bank recommended in March 2021, rejected cloud evaluation (with Huawei charging line recommendation)


Let's talk about Anker

Popular online products in North America, Japan and Europe. He also won the German Red Dot Design Award, accumulating 61 patents.

Its product design is excellent, safety is also very high, charging stability, by many young people.

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Anker product line sorting

Recommended charging treasure for different demands

Recommended for each price and capacity charging treasure

Analysis of the key charging treasure

Comparison of Anker and green products

Recommended products around charging treasure (charging treasure set, charging head, charging line)

Part one: Anker product line sorting:

Anker charging treasure


data line

Charging head, charger

Wireless power bank

Docking station

In fact, Anker and friends of Zimi are also focused on the development of digital peripheral accessories, but Anker products are relatively thin and long, easy to carry. It's very online, both in appearance and in the feel.

The second part: the charging treasure of different demands:

  1. Girls always go shopping with a lot of things out, carry small bags, in addition to daily cosmetics, will also bring data lines or charging treasure, but the daily use of the charging treasure is too heavy, so the following high-profile, small volume of the charging treasure is suitable for you.

Price: 189


Double port input (c+a port)

10 protection, small size

Bank card size, 2-3 charges

192.5g weight, easy to carry

10000 Ma, large capacity, getting on board is not a problem

  1. If you are pursuing the stimulation of wireless fast charging, to free the line from binding the mobile phone and let the mobile phone fly freely, you can choose the following wireless charging treasure.
  1. Sometimes, whether you travel, I feel that the mobile phone is not enough. Sometimes, there is no chance to share the power with your girlfriend or boyfriend. The following large-capacity charging treasure can meet your needs.

Price: 319 yuan

Suitable models: iphonex, UAV, Android phone, iPad, etc

Support PD fast charging

Multi port input, portable

The PD with its own fast charging saves a lot of time for Apple mobile phone charging

10W + 24W dual output, supporting most models on the market

Part three: recommendation of different capacity charging treasure:

5000 Ma charge Pack:

10000 Ma battery recommended:

20000 Ma high capacity charging treasure

30000 Ma charge Pack:

The fourth part; Analysis of the key charging treasure points:



The two main players are portable, which change our thinking of traditional charging treasure, which is big and heavy, and adopt intelligent current distribution to reduce the damage to the charging treasure.

Anker A1231

PC + ABS plastic shell

Fabric resistant design, warm and smooth hand, good sense of mastery

Support 18w+12w power and PD protocol

Suitable for small current charging, weight is only 212g


Anker A1239

Small volume, light weight, 192.5g weight

Usb-ausb-c dual port is configured, and two devices are charged at the same time

Usb-c can fast charge iPhone and above phones

Usb-a, support Anker's unique technology power IQ intelligent charging technology

10 protection mechanism

But to compare, purple rice has a charging treasure, basically at the same level:

To be concerned, Zimi, a 22.5w rechargeable treasure, supports multiple quick charging, 10000 Ma, and is also suitable for the light-weight friends.

Okay, Anker and green?

To compare, if you want to have digital display function, the green couplet will be more prominent. If you want to carry the method point, Anker, it may be more suitable for you. Everyone needs different, and the best choice is to choose the right one.

The fifth part; Recommended around the charging treasure:

Charging head

data line

Charge treasure set

For additional charging heads, refer to the following article:

Lin: 2021 full price 65W gallium nitride charger recommendation

  1. Anker charging head;

Support iPhone 12 series, iPhone 11 series charging

  1. Anker data line:


  1. If you think a buy too trouble, I am so understanding, certainly for you ready, suit series;