Highly recognized by Apple's official website, is Belkin's 10W wireless charging base easy to use?

At present, more and more mainstream flagship mobile phones begin to support wireless charging technology, and Qi standard, as the earliest electric induction charging technology, has become the common agreement of apple, Samsung, and other first-line mobile phone brands. Some time ago, I started two iPhone XRS for my family. Originally, I wanted to use the cheap wireless charger I bought earlier to charge my mobile phone. As a result, I found that the problem of fever was serious, so I decided to start a more reliable product.

Later, we started with Belkin boost up 10 watt wireless charging base. This wireless charger has several features: first, it supports Qi standard and supports 10W high power output; The second is the bracket base design, which supports horizontal and vertical charging modes; Third, the appearance design has high appearance value, which looks good on the desktop; Fourth, it has its own special power supply. When carrying the iPhone, it does not need to be equipped with a high-power plug.

Let's have a look!

first impression

For the first time, I know that Belkin Belkin, a third-party manufacturer of wireless charging accessories, is known through Apple's official website. It has docking stations, data cables, wireless chargers and other products, and the overall workmanship is Apple style. And since it is Apple's official website are selling products, I think the quality will not be poor.

Belkin boost 10W wireless charging base is available in black and white. This one in my hand is black. The overall packaging is simple and generous, the front is the product, mainly the adaptation model and function features.

On the back is a brief introduction of the product instructions, including LED display of charging status, support of charging through non-metallic protective cover, maximum support of 3mm, including 1.5m AC adapter, etc. Charging maximum support 10W, can also output between 5 ~ 10W, has good compatibility.

There is a charging diagram inside the box to remind you how to use it. For wireless charging, it can be charged as long as it is in the sensing area, but the way it is placed will affect the charging efficiency. This intuitive introduction is also more convenient for users who start wireless charging to master the correct posture. Moreover, in terms of security, the current wireless charging supports metal sensing, overheat protection, over-current protection, etc., which also better protects the security of mobile phones during wireless charging.

The following is the true appearance of Belkin boost up 10 watt wireless charging base. The front is covered with black silicon, and the material is very soft. It won't scratch the mobile phone, and there is a Belkin pattern in the middle. The diameter of the induction disk is 9.8 cm. The width of the base groove is 8.9 cm.

Belkin boost up 10 watt wireless charging base is a bracket type design. The inclination angle of the sensing disc is about 25 degrees. Is this angle familiar? It's the best angle for mobile phone to pursue drama!

In fact, what's more unique is the arc back shell of the induction disk. The highly polished mirror design is very beautiful. The L-shaped one-piece leg is also of high brightness design, full of texture.

Because the power adapter is dedicated, the interface on the base is not type-C interface, but concentric plug. Small words can be seen below the interface: designed in California and assembled in China.

And the product model, product name, serial number, input and output power information. Its input is DC 15v1.5a and the maximum output is 5v2a. And product quality certification related information is engraved on the bottom of the silicone anti-skid mat.

The power adapter is relatively slender, 8.3cm in length and 3.5cm in width, and takes up less space when using it; As for the 1.5m cable, there is nothing to introduce. The normal length of the socket can reach the desk top at the bottom.

Feeling of using

For wireless charging, people who know a little about it all know that it is a fashionable and convenient choice, but it is not an efficient choice. Because there is still a big gap between 5v2a output and wired charging, but the most important thing is that it is more convenient and safer to use, saves the trouble of plugging and unplugging the cable, and is more suitable for working on the desk.

From the point of view of charging, the contact is very sensitive. When the mobile phone is put on, the delay is no more than 1 second, the charging status will be displayed, and there is an LED status indicator on the right side of the inductive charging panel, which will be on only when it is in the charging status.

What's more intimate is that Belkin boost up 10 watt wireless charging base also has an LED status indicator at the lower edge of the charging sensing disc, which makes it easy to check the status of the horizontal screen mobile phone when charging.

For the little sister or otaku who likes to pursue drama, the great advantage of horizontal screen charging is that it is more convenient to watch movies and TV dramas. The key is that the mobile phone does not have the shackles of wires. In the process of charging or chasing drama, if the phone comes, you can pick it up and use it directly, saving the trouble of plugging in and out the charging wires.


In general, Belkin boost 10W wireless charging base is a wireless charger product with high appearance and suitable for desktop display. Both vertical and horizontal screens can be used. It has good compatibility with iPhone wireless charging. Charging at the same time is not serious. It has reliable quality and 3-year warranty. It is worthy of being recognized as a third-party wireless charging accessory by Apple's official website.