High definition camera glasses without holes

This high-definition wireless micro camera is generally well concealed, with fixed installation and portable. What you said about fixed installation are switches, sockets, alarm clocks, hooks and so on, which can be fixed. This ordinary one is only 2 or 300

With a dark background, top light plus 45 degrees, friend, you are not layman, with dark flannel can not have reflective, small aperture, slow, vertical to the object light source, f11-f16g aperture, speed between 1-10 seconds, lighting choose 150-300w plus soft paper effect, friends wish you success.

Vr virtual glasses without anti blue light treatment are harmful. Not only vr virtual glasses, but also TV and computer are harmful.

Short wave blue light has very high energy and can penetrate the lens directly to the retina. Blue light irradiates the retina to produce free radicals, and these free radicals will lead to the decline of retinal pigment epithelial cells. The decline of retinal pigment epithelial cells will lead to the lack of nutrients in light sensitive cells, resulting in visual damage, and these damages are irreversible. In other words, the damage to the eyes caused by blue light cannot be repaired.

Therefore, the choice of VR glasses must choose the kind of anti blue light treatment of VR glasses. At present, I know the domestic, there are anti Blu ray processing, including Blu ray VR master, storm mirror, big friend VR these three.

Research on medical eye protection theory has proved that ordinary sunglasses can not effectively protect the eyes, or even be harmful, because ordinary ssessungla can pass through ultraviolet light, which can easily damage the cornea and lens of the eyes, cause cataract and keratomyositis, damage the fundus and lead to night blindness; Ordinary sunglasses can also pass through a part of blue light that is not focused on the retina of human eyes. This kind of blue light is formed by scattering of smoke, fog, snowflakes and other particles in the atmosphere. After entering the human eyes, it is scattered by particles in the eyes, resulting in blurred image.

It is precisely because of the special dyeing process of CR-39 resin sun lens that it can protect the eyes and improve the visibility. It is an ideal decorative lens. The resin lens is a kind of high polymer compound, which has good mechanical strength and elasticity after curing and good heat resistance. CR-39 resin lens has good affinity for hydrophobic pigments. When the substrate is immersed in high temperature dye solution, the pigment begins to adsorb on its surface. With the increase of temperature, the network structure of the macromolecules gradually loosens. Under the action of heat, the vibration frequency between the network of macromolecules increases, and many micro pores that can hold pigment molecules appear in the structure.