he experience of grain charger is to get rid of the data cable and embrace the happiness of wireless charger!

In November 1993, Sony set up a game subsidiary and launched the first home game console Playstation in December 1994.

I also joined a PS4 some time ago. When I rest at home, I like to connect the PS4 to the TV and play games for a while to relax (Ares 4 and DQ builder are really fun, I still want to play ~ ~).

But sometimes when the game is in full swing, the handle is out of power. Although it is said that the standby handle can be replaced, if both handles are out of power, it will be very embarrassing. Although it can be connected to the charging wire to continue to play, but always feel a bit dangerous; And if the length of USB charging cable is not suitable, it will be uncomfortable to play games; And the most important thing is that when the two handles are charged together, the socket is full of data cables, which makes you feel bad.


In line with the game machine, accessories of course not less principle, decisively started this grain "heart charge" handle charging stand.


The main color of the handle charging base is black, the whole charging base is rectangular, with a metal charging board on the top, a circle of indicator lights on the bottom, and an anti-skid design. The PS of the grain "free charging" handle: with a special adapter, it can also realize the mixed charging of different types of handles, and the "multi-mode" operation is more powerful. In addition to one charging board, the, It also includes 2 charging heads for PS4 and ps5, 2 charging heads for grain King Kong handle, and 1 USB type C charging cable. The whole body is light and compact, with a good feel, giving people a low-key and full design feeling.

My favorite point is that this handle charging stand not only supports charging two handles at the same time, but also supports mixed charging of different types of handles.

According to the official introduction, this model supports the charging of ps5 handle, PS4 handle, xbox-one handle, switch Pro handle and grain diamond handle Many models need to buy additional handle adapter)

As for the safety issue I am most concerned about, because of its built-in multiple short circuit protection circuit, it can effectively avoid the short circuit fault caused by putting the key and other metal objects. At the same time, it also has built-in recoverable insurance, over-current protection and temperature protection circuits.

If different charging heads such as fast charging are used during charging, there will be no danger. Through the grain charging base, the voltage regulation will be carried out, and there are three protections of overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit to ensure the absolute safety of the handle charging.

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When you don't want to stop playing games for a while, you can put the handle on the charging board. You don't need to deliberately aim at it or distinguish the directions. You can charge it. It's much more convenient than plugging in and out the charger. When charging, the orange light is always on, and the light goes out, which means the charging is completed. The independent charging indicator light of the charging base of the grain "heart charging" handle is clear at a glance.

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Next to the charging port on the charging board, there is a light switch. From left to right, blue light, no light and green light can be set.

When charging, you may forget that the handle is charging because of other things. Even if it is placed for such a long time, it will not be overcharged. There will be a perfect power management chip inside the handle, which will automatically stop charging when fully charged. It has the same effect as plugging in a charging wire.

The official suggests that if two handles are charged at the same time, it is recommended to use a power supply above 5V 2a to provide power supply capacity. Otherwise, the charger may not output over-current protection.


Some people think that the handle charger is unnecessary, but I think it is necessary to have a high cost-effective and safe handle charger, especially when both hands need to be charged.

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This kind of grain "follow the heart to charge" handle charging base is durable in appearance, light in use, fast in charging speed, and the product design is very intimate. The most important thing is that it has high safety and practicability. It also supports the mixed charging of different types of handles. If you want to start with a PS4 charging base, I highly recommend this dual grain "free charging" handle charging base.


Get rid of the tangled data cable and the charging head full of socket, get rid of the discomfort of using USB data cable to connect the four princesses to charge. Double grain "free charging" handle charging stand makes you the most refreshing, convenient and beautiful cub in the game circle!