Hangjia 20W PD fast charger is not easy to use, see what users say

1、 Small and dynamic

The small size of Hangjia 20W PD fast charger really surprised me. Gossip less, there is a picture as proof, there is no comparison, there is no shock, the author turned out his home has several fast charger to a comparison.

From left to right are Hangjia K20 charger, Xiaomi max2 original 18W fast charger and Hongmi k30pro original 33W fast charger

There is no doubt that Hangjia K20's small square insertion mode is better than Xiaomi's 33W vertical insertion mode and 18W horizontal insertion mode, and it has the least interference to the adjacent hole position of the plug board

It can be seen that Hangjia 20W PD fast charger is not only half smaller than 33W fast charger, but also less than two-thirds of the original fast charger of some brands! It's only the size of Apple's heirloom slow charger! Later checked the next Hangjia official website, the size is only 3x3cm! It's really small!

Since I don't have professional voltage, current and power test equipment, I can only explain the trial experience with the charging experience of several mobile phones and mobile devices of myself and my family

1. Red rice k30pro zoom Version (half a year), light state from 5% to 15% time consuming is very short, only 5 minutes!

2. Xiaomi max2 (with a service life of 2 years), it only takes 6 minutes to turn off from 2% to 20% (the battery of this old machine decays greatly, the actual capacity is estimated to be half, but the speed is still amazing!)

3. The power of my wife's iPhone X has increased by about 19% in 10 minutes (it has been replaced by the original battery for nearly a year, but it has been decaying).

4. The pineapple gun still at home can charge normally, and the charging time is almost the same as the 5v1a charging head. In terms of charging temperature, the room temperature is about 19 ℃. There is no temperature measuring instrument. You can touch the same part with your hand. The temperature is lower than the original 18W charger and 33W charger of Xiaomi, so it is not hot. It can be seen that Hangjia is also very good in circuit design and safety.

Conclusion: Hangjia 20W PD fast charger is small, especially suitable for traveling in multiple scenes. It has various application capabilities of mainstream equipment from slow charging to fast charging, stable output power and good temperature control, so it is worth buying.

2、 Farewell to low battery anxiety

Now people's dependence on mobile phones is gradually increasing. Whether it's office information processing or three or two friends playing the last game, it seems that people are suffering from "low battery anxiety". At this time, a charger that can quickly charge mobile phones is very important. Next, I'd like to introduce Hangjia 20W, which can bid farewell to "low battery anxiety" PD fast charger.

At present, Android's fast charging is based on tens of watts, and even has a new 100W fast charging. But the iPhone is still a 20W fast charger. This charger is a 20W PD fast charger, which is obviously designed for the new iPhone 12 people who don't have a charger. Because this product only has one charging head, the old iPhone users still need to buy a type-C to lightning charging cable if they want to use the old USB charging head.

I'll take the charger attached to my iPhone and compare it with Hangjia's charger. First, I'll compare it with the most intuitive number. The old charger is 5v-1a, while Hangjia 20W PD fast charger supports three specifications, namely 5v-3a, 9v-2.22a and 12v-1.67a. Because I use the iPhone, I only use the 5V specification of the iPhone to compare. The current is three times larger. In addition, since only the 20W fast charger for iPhone 12 Pro is available, the previous models are all 18W fast chargers. After testing, I know that this charger can be downward compatible with 18W fast chargers.

In order to get more obvious data comparison, I have a comparison between 5W original charger and 20W Hangjia 20W charger PD fast charger charging test, the content of the test is very simple, is the same charge 1 hour, during this period do not do any operation, see how much electricity in an hour, the reason why choose this time limit is because this time period is not long, not short, more meet the time of temporary charging in our life. And in order to simulate the daily operation, using the program hanging in the background for charging does not restart the phone after charging.

Compared with the original charger, Hangjia 20W PD fast charger takes half the time to charge 80% of the power. One hour's charge is enough for emergency use for a long time.

Hangjia 20W PD fast charger is excellent in both compact shape and fast charging efficiency. In addition, Hangjia is also a manufacturer with a long history, and its products are very reliable. Another very important thing is the price. You can buy a charging head with the same performance or even smaller shape at half the price of Apple's 20W fast charging head. What else can you say? If you have this demand, you can consider this charger.

3、 Improve charging efficiency

This time, I was also very lucky to win the public test qualification of Hangjia 20W PD fast charger, which was specially designed for iPhone 12 series. I bought the iPhone 12 some time ago, but I didn't use the attached type-C charging cable because I didn't have a charging plug. Now, the original USB charging cable is going to be retired.

Take advantage of the sunny day, ready to experience the Hangjia 20W PD fast charger. The first feeling is: small and light. It's very small when you get the packing box. When you open it, you can see the charging head inside. It's smaller. It's really Mini charging plug. According to the official introduction, the size of the fast charging plug is only 30mm × 30mm × 30mm, and the weight is only 35g.

From the picture, Hangjia's 20W PD fast charger is about the same size as Apple's previous 5V 1A charger. It is small and light, easy to carry, and has a charging speed of 20W, which is four times of Apple's standard "ancestral charger" in the past. It can not only charge the iPhone, but also other Android devices, tablets and other devices that support PD fast charging protocol. The premise is that other charging devices distribute type-C data lines.

Before the specific experience, I specially looked at the Jingdong purchase page of this product and learned that this compact charger has many functions. The 100-240V wide voltage design can perfectly adapt to the voltage of different countries and regions, such as China, the United States, Japan can be used directly, other countries and regions can be used with the adapter plug, very suitable for business travelers. In addition, the five defenses of over-voltage protection, overcharge protection, over-current protection, temperature protection and short circuit protection ensure the charging safety in an all-round way, so that users can use electricity and charge safely. After all, it is not a small thing if there is an accident in the charging process.

In the end, how fast can this fast charging head charge, or to test to know. Before I didn't have this charging head, I always used the original USB charging cable to charge. Sometimes, without the charging head, I just plug it into the USB interface of Hangjia plug board to charge. When I go out, I can only bring a 5v1a charging plug, which is bigger than this Hangjia 20W PD fast charger. The main reason is that Apple's original charging plug has not known where to throw it for a long time.

Firstly, the charging test was carried out with Hangjia 20W PD fast charger. The charging time starts when the power of iPhone 12 is 30%. After charging for 10 minutes, the power is 49%. When charging with other 5v1a charging head, the initial charge is 50%. After charging for 10 minutes, the display charge is 56%. When charging with other 5v1a charging head, the initial charge is 50%. After charging for 10 minutes, the display charge is 56%.

From the comparison, in the same time, the charging efficiency of Hangjia 20W PD fast charger has been increased by two times, which really saves a lot of time. I decided to take this charging plug when I go out.

I can't help but read the online introduction of Hangjia 20W PD fast charger. I know that this fast charger is equipped with an intelligent chip, which can automatically identify the device and match the charging demand. Even small current devices such as watches and earphones can be used without worrying about battery damage. I'm really relieved. When you go out, you only need to take this plug to charge all the smart devices using the type-C interface.