Hands on experience of Zimi wireless charging vehicle holder

In recent years, the popularity of wireless chargers is getting higher and higher. I remember the first time I came into contact with wireless chargers was in 2012, when lumia 920 is very avant-garde. It not only takes good photos, but also supports wireless charging. The only pity is that Nokia is still in decline. However, the technology of wireless charging has gradually become popular in recent years. Smart devices such as earphones and mobile phones have added this function one after another. You can't be strong, but you can't be without it. Today I share with you the automatic version of Zimi wireless charging bracket .


The outer packaging is very simple. It's a very common kind of car accessories packaging. In the upper left corner is the brand logo, and in the upper right corner is the car charger. On the front is a product rendering, and on the bottom is the product name and the maximum support power of the product.

In addition to the body, there are data cable, car charger and a manual inside the package.

The maximum power of single port of car charger supports 18W, three kinds of output power of 5v2.4a, 9v2a and 12v1.5a, and the maximum output power of dual port is 36W.

The car charger is a dual port, and the power of the two USB output ports is the same. Due to the limitation of the device, it is not possible to test which power the car charger supports. Normally, the plug should support qc3.0, otherwise the power is unnecessary to mention each single port of 18W max.

The finished products are as follows: there is a layer of soft flannelette on the inner side of the charger, which is printed with the purple rice logo, and there is a bracket at the bottom. There is a sensing unit on the bracket, which can sense the environment and automatically open or close the two fixed brackets on both sides.

It doesn't have to worry about the bumpy bottom of the mobile phone. It's also very stable on both sides of the road.

The automatic version of Zimi wireless charging bracket also comes with a base, which can be installed on the air outlet of the car air conditioner, and can be installed in any position on the car by itself. There are 11 passive cooling holes on the back to discharge the heat generated inside.

There is an indicator light on the left side of the automatic version of Zimi wireless charging bracket. By default, the light goes out. In order to prevent the charging device from going up, the blue light will be on. There is also an induction unit on the indicator light, which is different from the front induction unit. The side one is more like a concave touch button. After touching it, the bracket will open automatically, while the front one doesn't need to be touched When there are obstructions about 4cm apart, the bracket will be opened automatically,

Zimi wireless charging bracket automatic gif

Zimi wireless car charging bracket automatic version is an improvement on the previous version of wireless car charging! Compared with the previous generation, the user experience has been significantly improved. For example, it doesn't need to push in and pull out. Now it will open automatically when it needs to be charged. When it is taken away, it can be taken away by pressing the button on the side, which is very convenient. 10W charging power is not too fast, but it can also provide a strong driving range for your mobile phone in a long driving journey. The lack of 20W wireless charging power may be due to the current overall mobile phone market and the matching degree of most scenes in the car. However, in general, the automatic version of Zimi wireless charging bracket is a very good product for car owners And the mobile phone movement with wireless charging in hand can consider one wave.