Half of the American people's favorite iPhone 12 fast charging chargers this month are domestic well-known brands

Did you see Apple's spring launch?

Unexpectedly, Apple also launched a purple version of the iPhone 12, and there is still no charger, eh.

As we all know, the purple iPhone 12 is going to be popular for a while, and the 20W PD charger specially designed for it may be going up again. And many brands may launch a purple version of the charger, specially with old friends.

Before the 20W charger reaches the climax again, let's look at Apple's hometown and see what kind of chargers Amazon users have equipped for the iPhone 12.

Amazon platform in the United States has a list of "best sellers". Chargers are in the category of mobile phone accessories. Battery charger kits, car chargers, mobile wireless chargers, solar chargers and mobile power supplies are also in the same category.

This list of 20W PD chargers only discusses the most concerned 20W chargers. The statistical date is 11:00 on April 21, 2021. The product price, score and number of comments are subject to the data at that time.

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Market status

The cancellation of charger has a great impact on the mobile phone market and fast charging market. As the charger is no longer attached in the packaging box, only a usb-c to lightning cable is attached, which is bound to cause a large number of users to buy new usb-c power adapter. Since Apple canceled the standard charger for mobile phones, Xiaomi and Samsung have followed up one after another, and the cancellation of the standard charger for mobile phones has gradually become an industry trend.

Apple makes a good start in 2021

"Apple's performance in China will be remarkable in 2020. Driven by the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models, the annual shipment volume will finally return to the level of 2018. The fourth quarter's shipment even reached the highest in China since Apple released the iPhone 6S in the fourth quarter of 2015. " Amber Liu, research analyst at canalys, said.

In addition, UBS forecasts that Apple's iPhone shipments will reach 215 million units in 2021, which means a year-on-year growth of 13.5%. Canalys, a global technology market analysis and market consulting organization, released the global smartphone market research report for the fourth quarter of 2020. The report shows that Apple has achieved the best shipping performance in China in recent years, with more than 15.3 million units shipped in the fourth quarter, with a market share of 18%.

According to the annual sales data of smart phones in 2020, Samsung ranked the first with 266.7 million units, followed by apple with 206.1 million units.

According to the latest research of strategy analytics, in Q1 of 2021, the iPhone's shipment volume was 57 million units, accounting for 17% of the market position, consolidating the head advantage and making a good start.

The launch of the purple version may be conducive to sales growth

Apple Cable

The above data are all third-party data, but at the spring launch, cook directly announced that the iPhone 12 series is the best-selling iPhone in history, and now adds a new purple color to the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Mini.

Cook said that purple contains delicate and bright elements, which beautifully highlights the flat aluminum frame of the iPhone 12 and matches perfectly with the precision ground glass on the back. As soon as the news came out, the iPhone 12 quickly went to the top of the search, pressing the iPad, which should have been the leading role. Many netizens expressed their love for the purple iPhone 12. It can be predicted that the launch of the purple iPhone 12 is bound to add a boost to the sales of the whole series, which will also drive the sales of the 20W PD charger in the accessories. We can wait and see.

Amazon 20W PD charger sales list
iPhone Adapter
About half of the top ten competitors are familiar to us, including apple, Anker, aukey, lvlian, etc. some products are also very popular in the domestic fast charging market. Now, let's take a look at these products.

1. Apple 20W usb-c power adapter Apple 20W PD charger, yyds! We can't be more familiar with it. The first thing we saw was the standard charger for the iPad air4, but it didn't appear in the packaging box of the iPhone 12 series, and it stirred up the charger accessories market. Now it once again ranks first in Amazon's 20W PD charger sales list.

The design of 20W charger continues the ID of Apple 18W charger, adopts fixed pins, the main body shell is white baking paint, the transition between the sides is smooth, and the handle is good. Usb-c interface is set on the top of the output, with white tongue piece and center design. The end surface is light gray, which is very matched with the bright surface of white baking paint.

Apple Cable

In terms of performance, the output protocol of Apple's 20W PD charger only supports USB pd2.0 fast charging protocol, with two fixed voltage ranges of 5v3a and 9v2.22a.

2、Anker Nano 20W Fast Charger (Cable Not Included)

Anker nano 20W is also an old friend. Anker not only made the layout in advance before the release of iPhone 12, but also frequently appeared in the major recommendations because of its powerful product. In January's statistics, this product also ranked second.

iPhone 12 charger port

The charger's appearance style is the same as that of the previous Anker Anker nano 18W charger. The body is made of flame retardant plastic, the surface around is frosted, the interface panel is bright, and the "Anker" logo is printed on the side, which increases the brand recognition. The interface panel on the bright side feels smooth, and forms a sense of scattering with the micro frosted fuselage, which also enables users to quickly find the interface panel.

The charger interface is set in the lower position, and the blue glue tongue is used in the usb-c interface. Iq3 is printed on the top of the interface, which is Anker's exclusive "IQ 3.0" (full name poweriq 3.0) fast charging protocol, compatible with PD, QC, apple 2.4a and other fast charging protocols.

3、AUKEY Minima Fast Charger

The third one is aukey 20W usb-c charger. Some of his family's products are also sold in China, which should be impressed by his friends. In January's list, this product ranked seventh. Aukey's appearance is also more distinctive, there are black and white two colors, white expensive $1. The logo of "aukey" is printed on the pin surface, and the parameters are printed on the side.